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The following article will explain in high detail the story-line of the 1998 Tomb Raider III. This page, though, does not include high-detail walkthrough information of each level, that can be found in the tombraidergirl pages, but instead the cutscenes and FMV's seen throughout the game. Also, this article will suggest ideas on tackling certain obstacles or enemies, so it can generally be placed between a walkthrough and a game synopsis story. Some descriptions in this article will act as a low-detail walkthrough as the best way to express the information, but proper walkthrough text is a lot more helpful and better in this circumstance. For further information on this and other aspects of the management and content of the article, please see the Discussion page.



A lot has happened since Tomb Raider II. Lara Croft is becoming more and more realistic, in the sense that she now can perform new moves that people would expect from her, such as sprinting, or crouching. Along with more intricate levels, Lara is also more detailed, and now has access to more vehicles than ever before, such as a Kayak, Quad Bike and Underwater Propulsion Unit. Other new aspects are as follows:

  • Newer sounds in the game also improve the overall reality. The guns shots actually sound like proper realistic guns shots now, and Lara makes different footstep noises for the different surfaces she walks or runs on. Enemies, such as Tigers, benefit from these new intricate sounds.
  • Enemies have a better recognition and artificial intelligence than previous games. Now enemies can sometimes run away from Lara's shots, or even stealthily crouch out of sight so Lara does not know where they are.
  • Instead of the usual "always kill the enemy" method used in the previous two games, Tomb Raider III introduce some stealth, rather than all action. By this, Lara may have to sneak by an enemy to get an item, or to continue in the level, or to stop them from making a section of the level much more difficult. If they are alerted, they may attempt to close a door that could lead access to a quicker level route, a secret or pick-ups. In most circumstances when you find circumstances like these, you are probably weaponless, in the High Security Compound and the Area 51. Commonly, human enemies don't always know you're there until you enter their line of sight or fire bullets.
  • For the first time in the series, the usual linear gameplay of Tomb Raider is now nonlinear; After the four India Levels, Lara can choose which of the next three locations she wants to go to, and for every location, Lara has a new, and interesting outfit. Also, some of the levels, for the first time in the series, have more than one way to successfully complete them.

However, on a more critic tense, Tomb Raider III introduces Code Disks, laser-activated turret guns, carefully bypassing dangerous energy beams, and navigating through a derelict subway. The problem is that Tomb Raider has now practically lost all of its original Tombs which made the first installment so famous and successful. As Lara, at a certain level, is traversing over the city of London to find a particular artifact, it might as well be called City Raider.

These modern locations were removed in the next game in the series; The Last Revelation, which was designed as a resurrection of the original Tomb Raider.

It is unsure how long it has actually been since the end of Tomb Raider II, but it must run into months as of the new construction and decor modifications.

Finally, Tomb Raider 3 introduces music from a more classical instrument selection, rather than the Violin music from the previous game. The main theme music still contains the main theme tune of the previous Tomb Raider series under the construction of Core Design, but modernises it make it purely unique. In all, Tomb Raider III’s music is much more lively than that of Tomb Raider II, which focused on a much more quiet tomb raiding atmosphere and experience.


Tomb Raider III is notorious for it's bugs, such as the invisible walls, or internal code mistakes. Mostly, bugs will stop you from completing the level, or in lesser cases, a secret. Ways to stop the bugs from happening are included in most walkthroughs. Most bugs are activated by saving, or loading, or both, in a particular area. A large bug which effects the entire game can occur when you complete the All Hallows bonus level and play the game again with unlimited weaponry. After completing the India levels, you will only be able to go to Nevada, and from their to Antarctica, missing out two areas, and so two artifacts. There is no 'cure' for this, but some patches developed by websites or Core Design can stop some from happening or minimize the effect.

Level Map

The following diagrams and captions will show the levels in the game. Nevada, London and the South Pacific can be played in any order. At the end of the third location of the non-linear section of the game, Lara goes to Antarctica for the climax of Tomb Raider III. Selecting a level will take you to the paragraph section on this article.



South Pacific Islands



The Bonus Level

Bonus Level: All Hallows

If the player collects all of the 59 secrets in the game (Note - secrets are irregularly numbered in each level), then they can access the secret bonus level after the Meteorite Cavern level. Completing this level successfully will allow the player to play the game again with unlimited ammo, unlike the previous game, when simply finishing the game once can grant this option. All Hallows was meant to be set between Thames Wharf and Aldwych. It is either set in All-Hallows-by-the-tower or St Pauls Cathedral, perhaps explaining the useless Cathedral Key found as a secret at the end of Thames Wharf, and that she was on the roof of this cathedral at the end of that particular level. It is also explains the unlikelihood that an entrance to a derelict subway lies beneath a church bell tower. This level, if unlocked by the collection of the secrets, bases around the interior of the cathedral/church, and is relatively short compared to the other London levels. There is only one key, and an easy puzzle content.


The following paragraphs and sections of information will introduce the story of Tomb Raider III through artifacts and the opening FMV sequence.


Tomb Raider III is about collecting four powerful meteoric artifacts from various places across the globe. Each individual artifact has it's own unique power, but when all four are combined in a Meteorite Cavern deep below the surface of an island just of the coast of Antarctica, they have the power to rapidly accelerate human evolution. Each artifact, no matter what it's individual power, can mutate an living being to a certain extent, but for pure evolution, all four must be collected and put in their respective places in the Meteorite Cavern. The Artifact name, image, power (if known), owner and location are shown below:

Artifact Image Power Location Owner

Infada Stone


If a person stabs the Infada Stone into their heart (similar to the Dagger of Xian), they then get the power of levitation and to throw balls of fire.

Originally inside a Indian Temple.

Worshipped by Infada Tribes, and later stolen by Tony.

Element 115


Unknown power. It is able to power up the captured UFO.

Inside an alien UFO, in Area 51, Nevada.

It is owned by the US Government.

The Eye of Isis


Can stop the bearer from aging, and, similar to the Infada Stone, get the power of compressed atmospherical energy and to expel it in deadly, super-charged blasts.

Sophia Leigh's Office, in the London district of City

Sophia Leigh

Ora Dagger


The Ora Dagger allows the controller to summon poisonous lizards, and to manipulate and control electro-particles in the air, and launch them in a deadly blast of super-charged lightning, and also use them defensively, as in an electro-shield.

A French Polynesian Island

A cannibalistic tribe and their leader, the Puna

Ora Dagger and Element 115 Game Development Mistake

An important note is that the Ora Dagger and Element 115 were mixed up during the creation of the game, so in some games, when you complete Nevada, you'll get the Ora Dagger then, and the Element 115 at the end of the South Pacific (though this is just the name; whatever game type the look of the artifact will be the same).

It was revealed in Tomb Raider III: Lost Artifact, the multi-level expansion of Tomb Raider III, that there was a fifth artifact; The Hand of Rathmore. It powers in the Meteorite Cavern are unknown, so perhaps only four are required for the evolution process. The individual powers of this artifact are also unknown.


The following account is completely from the opening sequence.

The Meteorite

The Meteorite
The Meteorite as it plunges through the atmosphere.

Millions of years ago, after the time of dinosaurs, but before the time of humans, a meteorite survived the high density plunge into Earth's atmosphere. It was around the size of a small house, but may of been larger before the atmosphere descent, which would of burned it down to a smaller size. As the introduction clip shows, the animal inhabitants of a tropical area, actually an Antarctica island, millions of years ago, sensed the meteor coming and were immediately alarmed. A few minutes later, the meteor crashed into a bed of trees, exploding everything around it. Over the next few millions of years, this island area of tropical Antarctica became inhabited by Polynesians, early humans. There, they discovered the meteor, and the strange, unnatural powers that it possessed. The Polynesians worshiped this rock, and sculpted four objects of different shape and power from it; the Four Meteoric Artifacts.

As revealed in a clip in the South Pacific Islands section, the inhabitants of these islands fled when one of the natives was born without a face, due to the over-exposure to the meteorite artifacts, similar to the effects of radiation. This naturally shocked the other tribesmen, and so they fled what they now were calling a 'cursed island'. They left the four meteoric artifacts inside a meteorite chamber beneath the Antarctica islands' surface.

It is here, when all four artifacts are combined, that any living thing can be radically evolved.

Present Day (1998)

The excavation site in present-time Antarctica
The mining company RX-Tech, founded by Dr. Mark Willard, set out a mining and drilling excavation in Antarctica to try to find a rumored Meteorite Cavern, which Willard found evidence of in a diary of one of the sailors on the HMS Beagle (he showed this diary to Lara at the end of the India section - see the Dr Willard paragraph). Currently, one section of the group is drilling into the ice in order to discover anything. Willard is seen speaking to someone on a phone, though the recipient cannot understand him (whether this was because of his deep Scottish accent or a low signal, it is unknown). At this time, the drill bit becomes lodged into some rock (this could be meteoric). The drill breaks, just as a snowmobiler drives up, asking Dr Willard to come to Site 2 (another excavation area). Upon the short journey, Willard asks "Find any more meteorite?". The reply from the snowmobiler is "Little younger than that". When they arrive at Site 2, we see a carved polynesian head, like the ones seen on Easter Island, followed by a camera zoom that shows many more embedded into the snow. Willard then approaches
The Meteorite's destruction
a small depression in the ice. Below it is a small wooden block, bearing the name of one of the crew of the HMS Beagle. The inscription on it reads Paul Caulfield, 1812 to 1834. Willard says "This place has a busy history...".


India Loading.jpg
Lara, has somehow heard of the mysterious Infada Artifact shortly after completing her search for the Dagger of Xian, possibly from the rumours spread among the Infada Tribes around Calcutta, India. At this point, Lara does not know that the Infada artifact is one of a set of four meteoric items. In this section of the game (and the only section) Lara is wearing the Standard Outfit. There is only one human enemy, and that's at the very end. Indian instrument based music is heard occasionally, and a new tropical wildlife background music can be also heard in most of the levels. The rather unnerving background music heard commonly in Tomb Raider I and II has been replaced by a newer remake of this musical background.

India is mainly straight-forward, although does have a small bug located in the Temple Ruins level. Enemies are usually easy to kill (with the large exception of Shiva Statues) and the levels are reasonably easy.

Note: In India you will encounter Cobras which will attempt to poison Lara by biting her. If they bite you, you must use a small medi pack (or an equivalent Power-up crystal if you are playing the game on PC) to heal the wound. If this poison bite is ignored, displayed by a yellow flashing health bar that will slowly decrease, than Lara will gradually die.


A Tiger
Lara begins Tomb Raider III upon a massive sloped hill in the higher regions of dense Indian rainforest, presently unsure where the rumoured temple, which houses the artifact, is located. The Shotgun is also secretly hidden in this high area, below a small thicket of rainforest leaves, on a flat section of land at the top of the slope. As you inevitably slide down, if you jump onto the fallen tree trunk spanning the width of the slope, you'll meet a rather harmless monkey. In this level only, the monkeys encountered are harmless, unless you shoot them; then they become aggressive (though their attacks don't cause much damage). Sometimes you may have to kill them, because they may of taken some important item that is essential or needed, and will not give it back. They can also be helpful, leading you to helpful places where you can find an item, or switch, or past traps.
A monkey

The Main aim of this level is to locate the Indra Key and use it to open the door to the temple. After sliding down this huge slope at the beginning of the level, Lara must make her way around a forest courtyard, before using a Zipline to access a deep forest area. In this vicinity, Lara re-meets Tigers (they are only present in this level). They are generally as easy to kill as they were in Tomb Raider II.

Similarly to the Tomb Raider II starting level, The Great Wall, this particular level focuses on getting the player familiar with the controls in a more dangerous environment than the Polaroid, and to put them against several traps (though the number of traps and obstacles in this level is no where near the number in The Great Wall).
Indian Rainforest

Towards the end of this reasonably easy level, the player has to flood a large outdoor rock chamber to access a switch behind a waterfall which opens an underwater door in the same relative area. Beyond this door is an underwater channel leading to a small room with a ladder (in this room is a tiger). At the top of the ladder lies the Indra Key, but you must claim it quickly before a monkey drops down from the treetops and takes it (if he does take it, you have to kill him to get it). After disposing of another tiger appears on the lower ledge with the Indra Key receptacle (the tiger appears upon claiming the key), the key has to be inserted into the lock. This raises the nearby metal grating, accessing the level exit through some swamp (a main adversary in this part of the India section).

Meeting Tony

The camera descends upon a small campsite just below the area of swampland. Communication equipment is set up, along with tents with lanterns at the front. We hear the portable satellite device crackle into sound as someone tries to contact the people here. Dr Willard is heard on the receiving end, shouting "Tony man, I know you're there!"

The Base
"What do you want from me know!"

Suddenly, we hear a man shout "woohoo!" from somewhere in the vicinity. Lara asks to the area as a whole "Hello? Hello?". A blonde man is seen staggering out of one of the tents shouting "What!? What do you want from me now!?". Lara, a little startled, replies by commenting "Nothing that taxing..." She then asks if he's all right, because of the absurdity of his previous comment.

"If you'll all stop, I might be just fine, just a hundred percent, just, augh!" He grasps his head during this sentence.

If you'll all stop? Who are you talking about? replied Lara, as she was the only other one there.

"All of you, hundreds of you, talking and chattering and breaking my brain up!"

It is then clear that this man, Tony, is suffering from Jungle Fever, and Lara questions his sanity by her reply to that rather mad statement; "Mhm... Well I'm not quite sure where you're coming from, but I just want to know about the Infada Artifact, in the Temple up there." The camera angles up to look at the entrance to the temple.

"Voodoo magic and all, huh? I don't touch the stuff myself" comments Tony. His absurd comments are now starting to annoy Lara.

"It's not voodoo, look, is there anyone else here?" asks Lara, as there is more than one tent in the area."

"Yeah, Randy and Rory..." At this point, Tony starts packing away the equipment around the campsite.

"Randy and Rory? Where? What are you all doing here?"

Tony is suffering from a bit of Jungle Fever, making him paranoid and mad
Despite what Tony said, Lara walks calmly into the temple

"Well, they're staying put, in that temple" he says, as he puts a sleeping bag into a metal crate. "I told them not too, I warned them first. Not doing much now I doubt... under half a ton of mudslide."

"Me?", he continues. "I'm leaving." He puts the green laptop and the satellite device into the crate. "Next bus out. This jungle has rooted enough rot into me. I'd offer the same advice to you, but you don't seem like the type to take it, to care if I said you're gonna die in there."

He laughs coldly as he moves up to the edge of the campsite, above a rock ledge, and actually leaving the crate behind. "Yeah, die..." He jumps off, laughter echoing in the distance.

Lara, despite what Tony said, walks calmly into the temple.

Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins is the lengthiest level of the India section, and focuses on collecting five Key's of Ganesha. This Temple, possibly called the Temple of Indra, was the main fortification of the Infada Tribes who worshipped the stone, until they abandoned the temple and left it in ruin. This level also introduces huge Shiva Statues which are only seen in this particular level of the game.
Temple Ruins
Shiva Statues are similar to the Xian of Tomb Raider II. They start out as stone ornaments, and indeed, some are just stone objects, but others come alive when Lara moves to a certain position. They are the first enemies in the Tomb Raider series so far to be able to protect themselves from gunfire. Alive Shiva Statues use their six swords (or Scimitars) to shield themselves from bullets. For this reason, it is best to use the Pistols instead of any other available gun because you might waste ammo on them when they're protected. To lower their swords and continue firing, you must either hang and drop (then pull up) from a ledge (if you're on one) or move around constantly around the floor, until he lowers his sword. You are safe even on a ledge four clicks high (or the size of a normal movable box), and the statues can't hit you from there. When they eventually succumb, they fall over and turn back into statues. Two of the several Shiva Statues will drop a Scimitar each, and these are to be placed upon a third inactive Shiva Statue to open a nearby door.
An alive Shiva

Key of Ganesha, and there are five in total

Lara starts this level in a small riverside bank. In the area are two cobra and a switch, which accesses a tunnel below. In this tunnel, are two monkeys, which are now hostile to Lara (although they cause little damage). Lara first must ascend to the tree tops above where she began the level, by climbing up a huge mudslide. Then, she must maneuver past, over and through a waterfall and access the first section of the temple, which contains one inactive Shiva Statue. However, the adjoining chamber, accessed by crawling through a small tunnel, does have an alive Statue, which activates when Lara enters this room through the tunnel.

Fighting Shiva

Fighting Shiva can be easy when several elements are put into action, and one of these is taking advantage of the artificial intelligence that the Shiva Statues hold. First, you must decide upon which of the following two tactics you wish to act in fighting a Shiva.

Fighting Shiva in the field
  • Fighting in the Field
  • Ledge Protection

Fighting in the Field is for those confident in fighting these large giants. You do get better action, which is what mainly the series are about, with this method, but it puts you at more risk. Simply, you must run and jump in all directions to escape the Shiva's blade. When it lowers it's swords, shoot in the period he is susceptible (still jumping), and when he raises them again to protect himself, stop shooting. If you continue shooting, he will not lower his swords. Just jump away from him until you can hear him retracting his blades, and, depending on your position, then change direction to shoot. Repeat the overall method until he falls.

The Ledge Protection is for either first-timers or for those uncomfortable with fighting in the field. It can be much slower than the previous method, but definitely much safer. In any area where you fight a Shiva, there will be a ledge in which you can take cover on. Shiva cannot strike you even on lower blocks (minimum height is 4 clicks tall). Try to get onto a ledge as quickly as possible if a Shiva is coming to life, and once there, shoot until he protects himself. When he does, either hang and drop from the ledge and then immediately pull up or run and jump to another ledge if one's there. If the ledge in the room is too low for you to hang and drop, then you must fall back and then climb back on. Once you move, or pull up, the Shiva will lower its swords and you can fire once more until it protects itself again. Then repeat the process until it's dead.

Although, these are just suggestions. In any Tomb Raider, for any enemy, you should find your own way of dealing with them.

Deeper Temple

In the same room as the first alive Shiva, there is a large doorway requiring two Key's of Ganesha in order to open it. Opposite the door way is a ledge with two switches. Both pulled will open one of the two doors in the same area, and the other door will open when a switch below a trapdoor in this room is pulled. Beyond each door is
one of the two Keys of Ganesha needed (beyond a series of traps, obviously). It doesn't matter which direction you head first.

Right Gate

Through the right gate, the door closes behind you, and you must follow and area of swampland and mechanical blades traps (along with poisonous darts). At the end is a large room full of blocks and a main central structure. One block can be moved, so you can access a door on a higher tier, which opens when a switch is pulled on the floor area. Through the door is a drop off into a pool, and a tunnel ending in two parallel switches that opens a trapdoor in the ceiling in the tunnel. Up is an area with a pool, and an inactive Shiva Statue. The door near the ornamental statue opens when a switch is pulled (which can be reached from scaling invisible boxes over the pool. Inside this door is a long rectangular room, with a spike trap at the end. The spike trap starts when Lara pulls the switch, and she must run to the other side to claim the Key of Ganesha and then run back through the door before the spike trap blocks it (it closed when you entered the room, and re-opens when you claim the key). Outside, the pool has now
Another section of the temple
turned to mud, and you must follow the passage and return to the first alive Shiva Statue room.

Left Gate

Through the left gate you have to pass through a tunnel (with a dart trap) and then scale up and around a small valley, until getting to an area with a pit. Over the pit, several boxes need to be reconfigured in order to reach a switch, which floods a pool near where you came through the left gate (which has a water switch). You must then retrace you steps until reaching back at this shallow pool, and to pull the switch, and access the second Key of Ganesha (or first, depending which order you took the gates). Then return through the passage you came in (the left gate to return to the first alive shiva room.

Level Climax

When both keys are inserted, the doors open, and you have limited time to climb the ladder to the ledge before the spiked ceiling descends. In the room above is two monkeys and another block room with a central structure. One block can be moved so Lara can maneuver to pull two switches to open the door below. Beyond is a room with two alive Shiva Statues. The first one activates when you enter the room, and the second comes to life when you touch the ledge with a third, inactive Shiva Statue. In fact, this Shiva Statue, if you have paid particular attention to how the statues look, it is missing two swords, and this statue is a item receptacle. Each Shiva Statue will drop a scimitar when defeated. Place the Scimitars on the inactive statue to open the door to the final chamber.
Another of the two men above the pedestal with a Key of Ganesha. He has a weird hole in his stomach, which is probably explained as the Infada Artifact needs to be stabbed deep into the body, and then Tony stole it by ripping it out (as Tony is seen bearing it in the next cutscene)
A Scimitar in Lara's inventory

In the next chamber, Randy and Rory are seen horribly hovering in mid-air.

Another Shiva Statue present comes to life when you approach the third Key of Ganesha from below Randy (or Rory) on the high pedestal. To exit this area, and finish the level, you must find two other Keys of Ganesha. One is inside a room with another falling spiked ceiling. You must quickly pull two switches in this room before the ceiling descends, and then fall into the trapdoor which opened. Below is one Key of Ganesha. Claiming it opens the door in front of you and an access back to the main chamber.

One of the two men, probably Rory, hovering on an invisible pole of some sort...

The fifth, and final Key of Ganesha of this level is found in an underwater room in the blue adjacent room to the one with the floating Randy and Rory. However, a current stops you from claiming it, and it pulls you towards an underwater spiked wall. You must carefully maneuver yourself away from the wall and pull the two switches to remove the current. Now you can claim the key.

After placing all three keys into the three receptacles in that area, a door nearby opens, which leads to the level exit, and the next cutscene.

Shooting Tony

The next cutscene is activated upon entering the area past the opened door. Lara is seen sliding down a slope, exiting the temple.

Lara sees Tony on the raft, in the River Ganges
As she reaches the bottom, she balances herself so she doesn't fall over the edge and into the river. She familiars herself with the environment, but suddenly takes a step back as she spots Tony standing on a raft in the middle of the River Ganges (So he hasn't abandoned the Jungle?). At first, he doesn't notice her; he seems to be more interested in the scrutiny of some aquamarine block embedded into his chest. Lara, knowing that this must be the Infada Artifact as the block hasn't killed him, realizes that Tony must of been one step ahead of her, despite what he had said about leaving the Jungle, and had already killed Randy and Rory, one of which had a wound as if something had been stabbed into it.
A Close up shows that Tony has embedded the Infada Artifact into his heart
Lara exits the Temple through a slope

Lara draws her Pistols and begins shooting at Tony on the raft. Tony, now obviously aware of her, just laughs at her retaliation and uses the powers of the Infada Artifact inside his chest to cause the entire temple to collapse. Lara quickly dodges the cylindrical columns of the Temple as they fall around her, finally dodging one last block when she thought it was over. When the camera regains Tony, he is laughing maniacally as he is lost from site around a corner. Lara, ready to battle, starts of running towards where Tony disappeared, but backtracks when she sees a green Quad Bike placed by a waterfall, most probably left by Tony. She runs to it, and that's where the cutscene ends, along with the level.

The River Ganges

This level focuses on using the Quad Bike to span certain gaps that would be impossible to cross with Lara alone. Most of the level is about doing this particular method. If you're finding the Quad Bike controls difficult to master, especially if you are used to the different Tomb Raider II controls if you played that game before this one, you should most definitely practice on the Quad Bike at Lara's house.

The River Ganges
Certain gaps only reachable by the Quad Bike

By using the Handbrake Acceleration control (hold down the handbrake (the "?" Key) while motionless then press the forward directional button for a few seconds before letting go) you should be able to pass over most gaps. Also, whilst in the vehicle, you can run over the still violent monkeys, who seem to stay still and not attack while you're on the Quad Bike. One last important note is that the Quad Bike will explode if you ride off a particularly high cliff to an area below, and it will also explode if you fall into the river, killing Lara instantly. In this level, you will get off the Quad Bike often.

A Stone Quad Bike bridge

If you fall into the main course of the river, you will not be able to surface, and you'll either drown or get devoured by the Piranhas in the water. If you survive the path of the long river to the end, it is a dead end, and also a piranha infestation.

You will not be able to see Tony when you regain control of Lara after the cutscene. Using the Quad Bike you first must scale the many gaps across the river or several gorges. As said before, this is what the level is mainly about about (an important note is that some gaps or gorges may have a ladder leading down to a Secret, so it's worth checking the sides of the put for a climbable surface).

Later on in the level, you will experience a very narrow path around a cliff along with a tight corner (or two) that must be carefully driven round, followed by a vulture valley.

Vultures are easy enemies that can be seen from a distance, but usually come in packs of two or three. Their shadows are a clear giveaway, along with their incisive and annoying calls. They attack with their claws and beak, but do not cause much health damage.

Towards the end of the level, you will leave the Quad Bike for the last time above a waterfall. At the bottom, you can see the raft Tony was on crashed and broken on the bank of the river. He rode the course of the Ganges and fell of the edge of this waterfall, crashing into the river plunge-pool below. The powers of the Infada Stone may of saved him.

Behind the banks and waterfalls where Tony's raft was is a hidden tunnel, leading to the darkened Caves of Kaliya.

Alternatively, at an early point of the level you can either choose the above pass or take a different route through some ruins. It re-connects to the other, river, route nearer the end, just before the waterfall with Tony's crashed raft is.

Caves of Kaliya

The maze-like Caves of Kaliya
The Cobra Cave

The Caves of Kaliya level is a generally very frustrating, cave maze The maze section of this short level is divided into three separate levels; a higher, middle and lower. The middle level can be completely ignored if intended, but more pick-ups are found when going through this part. Caves of Kaliya can be very annoying if you constantly find yourself in dead ends that look too familiar, or areas you're sure you've been to before. A good walkthrough, such as the tombraidergirl [1] ones, are required if you find this level particularly hard, or for an unconfident first time, and make sure you only save when you are sure you have reached another section level of the Caves of Kaliya, in case you get hopelessly lost in some of the tunnels (although the PS Players can restart the level). You can tell if you have reached another level by a large drop off leading to an area below.

The maze contains not only Lara-height passages, but also many crawl-spaces.

Throughout the maze you will find numerous Cobras (the amount will depend on the route you take), but at the very end, you will experience a small cave full of ten cobras. The cave entrance hole may be illuminated strangely when first approached, but this is just because of the crystal which is hovering above. Carefully hang and drop into the below cave after lighting a flare, and if you're lucky, all four currently alert Cobras should be just be standing still watching Lara upon her fall. Select one Cobra to shoot and back away from it (don't worry, any other Cobra will not attack as long as you walk!). Shoot it, and it shouldn't be able to reach you, and soon enough it will crumple. Do this for the remaining three Cobras, before discovering the other six cobras by approaching the area with the lit passageway. A boulder will fall at this point, so either move out of its way or jump backwards over it to avoid it.

After more easily disposing of the remaining six cobras, you can safely crawl through the opening at the end of the passageway until you can stand. Below is a long slope leading to another seemingly partially water filled chamber. However, this will be the fighting arena for fighting the Indian boss, Tony, and the claiming area of the legendary Infada Stone.

Killing Tony

Tony has made his way to a great antechamber below the surface area. Now Lara must fight and kill him in order to claim the Infada Stone from his defeat.

Tony launches fire balls (Image 1)
Tony using the Infada Stone to toxin the water (Image 2)

After collecting a save crystal, slide down the slope, pistols drawn. NB: I do not advise using the Shotgun as it has a low effect on Tony from the safe distance you should be from him, and you'll just waste ammo. Besides, the Pistols are actually stronger in this circumstance.

As soon as he's in view when you're sliding down the slope, start shooting at him. When you reach the bottom, he'll start levitating himself using the powers of the Infada Stone. Sidestep twice to either the left or right so you have room to slide flip in the next move (still shoot while doing this). In a blast of the Infada Stone's meteoric energy (Image 2) which sweeps the room, Tony will covert the the before deep water between the four islands in the chamber into a deadly fire induced liquid, also making it much shallower. Do not fall into the toxin, or Lara will instantly die.

Tony will then start using the power of the Infada Stone to throw fireballs at you (Image 1). Wait until he is on the verge of firing one blast, before side-jumping either to the left or right depending on the initial direction you side-stepped to. Obviously, still shoot. The fireball should miss Lara. Repeat the process. (Note: Tony switches from launching the fire balls at Lara to throwing them at a certain plate in the ceiling where they bounce down to hit Lara)

He will fall surprisingly quickly, and his body will disintegrate into nothing after a second Infada energy blast. The Infada Artifact will be left on his central island after his demise.

Alternatively, instead of staying on one island, you can quickly move around the other three while shooting, though this may take slightly longer (however, minimizing the chance of being hit by the fireballs). This method's main drawback is when quickly maneuvering around these islands, you may fall into the fire induced water due to the annoying camera angle when your weapons are locked on Tony.

Before picking up the Infada Artifact (which will end the level), you may want to pick up the other three pick-ups elsewhere in the room (you would of noticed these if you jumped from island to island, but you couldn't stop and pick them up because Tony would fry Lara). They are a Small Medi Pack, some Grenades, and the Grenade Launcher left behind by Tony before Lara arrived in this chamber.

Now you can pick up the Infada Stone to end the level with a FMV Cut-Scene.

Level No. India Level Number of Enemies (Maximum) Types of Enemies Number of Secrets Types of Traps and Obstacles Significant Finds
01 Jungle 9* Monkeys, Tigers, Piranhas (cannot be called) 6 Swamp, Rolling Boulders, Spikes and Spiked Walls Indra Key, Shotgun
02 Temple Ruins 31 Monkeys, Shiva Statues, Piranhas (cannot be killed), Cobras 4 Swamp, Mechanical Blades, Poison Darts, Boulders, Spiked Walls, 5 Key's of Ganesha
03 The River Ganges 34 Vultures, Monkeys, Piranhas (cannot be killed), Cobras 5 Quad Bike jumps, Current Affected Water Quad Bike, two Gate Keys (found in an alternative route)
04 Caves of Kaliya 15 Cobras, Tony (Boss) 0 Maze, Deadly Fire affected Water the Infada Stone, Grenade Launcher

* (Not including the Monkeys)

Dr Willard

Lara emerging from some bushes, with the Caves of Kaliya behind her
Dr Willard meeting Lara
The Infada Stone in this FMV sequence

This high detailed FMV Cutscene begins with Lara emerging back into the River Ganges area, with the Caves of Kaliya behind her. Momentarily looking around her surroundings, she suddenly hears someone from her left shout ""Hey!"". A riverboat comes into view with a clear person on board near the front. Lara is looking sceptical and curious as the boat pulls up beside her. One of the men aboard (there is only two of them, the other is the driver), wearing an explorer outfit, begins conversation with Lara.

"I don’t want to be misrepresented by that retarded researcher you just been with, er..." he tells her, prompting at the end for a name as Lara clambers onto the boat.

"Lara" says Lara simply. "I’m Doctor Willard." he says, turning around and walking towards a sheltered part of the boat. Lara follows him curiously. "I’d come to converse with Tony myself, but I saw you were doing a rather more creditable job, I think. Indeed, I’m inspired! I’d like to offer you other work."

He seats himself into a chair and gestures Lara into one opposite him. Lara, incredulous about Willard's proposal, says "What?! Shoot the breeze with some of your other boys? No thanks!"

Willard, trying to reassure her that they'll be no more Tony incidents, replies by saying "Fortunately, they were the only lab rats we let loose into the field. No. My request is for three other artefacts like this."

Lara, confused, holds out the Infada Stone in her hands."The Infada Tribe only had one artefact of this type. It’s unique. Anyway, what would your interest in it be?" At that time, Lara only knew that the Infada Stone was rumoured to contain great power, and did not know of it's true and diverse history. As said in the game guide book, Soon she will discover much more...

"I'll show you" says Willard. He picks up the stone from Lara and places it onto a work table next to him.
Lara reading the diary

"It’s not from India. Rather an island near Antarctica. It is in fact meteorite rock that has been fashioned and used by Polynesians who once settled there many, many years ago. See that, that’s unique, and unknown material." he says as he opens a laptop briefcase, and uses a scanning tool on the Infada Stone. A small graphic diagram is seen on the screen, which doesn't seem to mean anything in particular to us, but the laptop then bleeps to indicate that this material registers as the type Willard is looking for.

"So how did it end up here?" asks Lara, who had stood up and was interestedly looking at the screen.

"Formed from the planets, sculpted by Polynesians, distributed by goons," says Willard eagerly, "Our excavations and investigations have led us to this:" He indicates a small, brown book on the desktop and Lara picks it up as Willard says "A sailor’s diary from Charles Darwin expedition on the HMS Beagle."

Stephen Barr looking at the island

Lara, reading the diary in her head begins one of the accounts: "August 14th, 1834...". Her voice changes to that of Stephen Barr, the previous owner of the diary. We see a ship, certainly the HMS Beagle, for a brief moment before a close up of Stephen on a small desk on the deck. He thinks "This voyage is getting too boring for me to go on with this journey. My adventures at sea are a embarrassment. The only tales I’ll have to tell are hours of bird watching, picking and pressing flowers, following the blasphemous ideas of the governor, Darwin." Stephen is seen viewing a distant, icy islands over the side of the ship (just before he gets badly sprayed by sea water. "But this doesn’t even concern me know. I just want food, something more than vegetable broth in me. Today we five have made a pact." We see a group of five men in a small boat row away from the vessel, to the aforementioned icy island. "The only sampling we’ll be doing is for meat, pure, solid, blood rich meat."

We see all five sailors make there way across the barren and icy land following the tracks of an animal, specifically a wolf, which they had discovered. One man sees that they lead into a cave. Bravely, they all enter, carrying lanterns. Icicles dominate most of the ceiling.

"The snow’s run out, the tracks have gone!" says the man in front. "Just keep going, we’re on it’s trail." says another.

Stephen, looking apprehensive, is seen with a drawn pistol and uses his lantern to view some carved texture in the wall. They follow the cave passage to an opening with an icy walkway ahead. Slowly, they all walked along the path to a large, central icy platform.

"There’s something here!" says one man, kneeling in the ice. He whistles enthusiastically and pulls out the Ora Dagger from it.
The Ora Dagger held by one of the men

"Look, there’s another one. What’ya reckon they’re worth?" says another sailor, while Stephen explores other sections of this cave with his lantern. He views a tall, man made statue. Suddenly, he hears a scuffle, and he quickly looks in the direction it came from. We see nothing but paw-prints, but the way the camera is moving symbolizes that those tracks weren't there a second ago... Stephen follows these new tracks, and reaches were Paul Caulfield is standing.

"Too late, there’s only four, none for you!" he says teasingly, momentarily holding up his artefact; the Infada Stone.

Stephen sees a dark shadow standing upon the rock behind Paul.

"Paul..." says Stephen warily.

"Wha-" begins Paul, but is attacked from the side by a wolf, pushing him to the ground. The wolf bites into his neck, and Paul scream echoes across the cavern. Stephen uses his drawn pistol to shoot the wolf, who isn't immediately killed, but runs off. Stephen examines Paul's groaning body; he is seriously injured and losing a lot of blood.

Stephen attempts to carry him out, despite the impatient and distressed calls for him to leave without him, as the cavern starts to collapse. The wolf tries to escape the falling debris but is punctured on an icicle, while Stephen and the almost dead body of Paul crash below into a sliding ice tunnel which eventually deposits them back outside. Paul is now completely dead, blood spurted on his face.
Paul dies from loss of blood

The location once more changes to that of a wooden gravestone bearing Paul's name. Stephen is hastily giving the others and important note; "Nobody better say nothing about this to the governor, else will be back having to walk down that to the creature for it’s samples. Paul fell down a crevice, Ok?"

"Ok, Stephen" says one man.

"Amen" says another.

The scene changes back to Willard and Lara in India.

"Stephen was to be the only survivor of the four." begins Willard, starting to pack away some of the equipment he had used to examine the Infada Stone, "When he arrived back in London, he superstitiously sold off his artefact, having seen his pals murdered and killed with theirs. One here in India, one in the South Pacific, and one in Nevada. The places where I’d like you to go."

Lara closes the diary and hands it back to Willard. "Sounds good to me." she says, smiling.
Sounds Good to me...

The boat continues on down the river as the cutscene ends.

Area Selection

Area Selection Screen

As soon as the FMV Cutscene ends, you are presented with the level statistics information box, in this case the Caves of Kaliya level, as usual. The India image/loading screen is seen behind it, indicating that you have successfully completed the India section. After deselecting this levels’ statistics box the Area Selection Screen will appear in the form of a distinguishable globe. You current location will display as a flashing dot in the obvious location of India, and the globe will initially start at the South Pacific section option. This globe is the Tomb Raider III mechanism of choosing the three non-linear sections of the game; London, Nevada or the South Pacific areas. This globe will re-appear at the end of every successfully completed section, prompting you to select the next area you wish to do. At the end of the third and final non-linear section the globe will appear one last time, but this time it will rotate slightly so the Antarctica option is visible and accessible.

The Area Selection Screen

Your Choice

It is completely up to you how you order these three non-linear adventures, though obviously you must complete all three in order to access the game’s climax levels in Antarctica. However, this article can recommend and detail information of each section in terms of difficulty and game advantages along with equal disadvantages.

Choose Wisely

Use the left and right directional buttons on the keypad or game console (PC or PS respectively) to move the globe to the next available location. As said before, the globe appears first at the South Pacific location, so press right to view Nevada, or left to see London. Press the Action button to select your choice, though while selecting, do remember the following recommendations and information about each section or you may suffer in the long run (NB: The information given here is not in full detail as it would contain too many spoilers. Further information can be found later in the article).

  • In each of the previous two Tomb Raider’s, Lara had lost her weapons at some point of the game. There is no exception in Tomb Raider III. She will lose her weapons in Nevada, more specifically in the level High Security Compound. She will also lose all her ammo, something never done before. Because she loses her weapons inevitably here in Nevada, this section should most definitely be done first. Although it would be very annoying to lose the amount of ammo you may of obtained in the India levels, if you leave this section to last, you’ll just have more and more ammo to lose, and you’ll never get it back.
  • In terms of difficulty, London is the most intricate to complete (of these sections!). Some of the levels there are extremely difficult to complete without any walkthrough guidance. The South Pacific islands section is perhaps the most easy to finish. Most levels there can be completed very quickly and without walkthrough guidance at all.
  • Although once you complete Nevada, you can then decide which of London or the South Pacific you want to precede to, I would recommend London so you can get the hardest section over and done with, although, as said, it does not matter which order you take as long as Nevada is completed.

Once you have chosen your selection whether based on your own personal judgement or the information suggested here, select the location using the Action Button. The globe will disappear and the new loading screen/location image will appear depending on your selected location.

Jump to Location

As the game is now non-linear, so should this article. Select either Nevada, London or the South Pacific from the boxes below to jump to the information about that particular section, and continue with the article from there. This will re-appear at the end of the article section relocating you to the next, or to Antarctica, depending on the order you have taken and your final destination.

Area Selection


NEVADA loading.jpg
The Nevada section is about uncovering the mysterious Element 115 artefact from inside Area 51. The Nevada section actually highlights the more space and alien side of the meteoric artifacts.


LONDON loading.jpg
The London section, the most difficult focuses on finding the Eye of Isis which Stephen Barr brought to England. Lara travels from the rooftops of London, to an abandoned tube station, and then to the underwater passages beneath the immense building belonging to Sophia Leigh, the owner of the artefact.

South Pacific Islands

Among the scattered islands of French Polynesia is a cannibalistic tribe descended from the Antarctica Polynesians who fled. Their ruler, the Puna, owns one of the meteoric artifacts, and Lara must make her way through the tribe settlement, then a dinosaur infested crash site, followed by the gigantic Maduba Gorge, before descending into the Temple of Puna.



NEVADA loading.jpg
Lara reaches Nevada from the previous location you visited through unknown transportation. There are three Nevada levels set in three different areas. The first level is set in the Mojave Desert despite it being called Nevada Desert. The Mojave Desert covers the majority of the southern section of Nevada and is populated to various creatures such as rattlesnakes and vultures, which Lara will inevitably encounter. As said before in the Area Selection paragraph, Lara will lose all her weapons and all her ammo, only leaving her one small medi pack (or the Save Crystals on the PS Version) and any meteoric artefact she has found so far. Because of this, if you have selected this section of the game directly after completing the India levels, you have made a very wise decision. If this is your last section, not so wise at all. Lara will lose her weapons as the very end of the Nevada Desert level, and for the majority of the next level, where she has been imprisoned for attempting to break into the compound, will focus on re-claiming her weapons and perhaps some new ones. In the course of this level, Lara will encounter the friendly, though aggressive looking, prisoners. They will kill the guards for you, and sometimes this is very necessary, as commonly the guards, called MP's (Military Police officers), will drop items or keys when they die. From the compound, Lara sneaks into a truck destined for Area 51, and so arrives. Area 51, of course, is one of the worlds most secretive locations rumoured to contain vast evidence of extra-terrestrial existence. The base lies inside the United States Air Force's large Nevada Test and Training Range. Area 51 can be also called Groom Lake, Home Base, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, and is officially named as the "Air Force Flight Center (Detachment 3)" has been a a flight testing site since 1955. Here in a Tomb Raider version of what it looks like, Lara must make her way through the upper, surface areas before descending into lower levels and through rooms expected to be in Area 51, such as a missile construction room, launch pad, and a huge UFO containment room. Nearer the end, Lara uses a device called a Code Disk (there are two in the level, the other one launches a missile) to lower a trapdoor beneath the UFO, and enter inside. Its interior is freakily bigger than the outside, and the walls are lined with a weird flesh like material. In the central chamber of this UFO is where the Element 115 meteoric artefact is kept (named by the US Government). It has been placed upon a central platform, and picking it up will end the level and the Nevada section.

Further, more detailed, information is located further in the article in the respective places.

Nevada Information

Nevada is the 36th state of the United States, also called the "Silver State".[2] The capital city of the state is Carson City, though the largest city is Las Vagas, a location in which Lara recently travelled to (Nightmare in Vegas - Tomb Raider II Gold Bonus Level). 86% of the land is owned by the US Government (whose military officers are the main enemies in this section). Nevada is the seventh largest state in the US, and is home to around two and a half million people, with the majority leave near or around the Las Vegas area. In the state are 16 smaller counties and one independent city[3]

Section Features

  • Lara is seen wearing a new outfit in the Nevada section of the game (right).
    The new and interesting Nevada Outfit
    It consists of blue camouflage trousers, a short black top, her usual black gloves, and new, red-laced boots. This outfit is also used in the Shakespeare Cliff and so levels in Tomb Raider III Lost Artefact. This outfit is suitable for the intense heat of the Nevada Desert, where it usually exceeds 38 degrees centigrade (100 Fahrenheit).
  • Music here in Nevada rarely differs form any other point of the game, except for the background music. There is no significant or distinguishing musical tracks that defines the section, except occasional military based marching music.
  • Finally, there is no boss for this section, and so Nevada is the only area not to have a final boss.

Nevada Desert

In terms of difficulty, the "Nevada Desert" level is reasonably easy to complete, with light combat and not too intricate puzzles. There are actually only three types of enemies; Vultures,
An annoying Vulture
Rattlesnakes, and workers. In fact, the workers are easier to kill than the vultures, so this may give you a very clear perspective on the easiness of combat here. The poisonous enemy here in Nevada are the dozens of Rattlesnakes found, who are seen a still, curled up creatures, similar to the Indian Cobras, who suddenly awake and attack when Lara approaches them. Often, a pick up is very near their bodies, and so they must be killed in order for the object to be acquired safely. The background music is a familiar one to those who have completed the South Pacific section, in the level Crash Site; A humming insect influenced and cricket noise.
Poisonous Rattlesnakes

NB: Weapon and Ammo Note -
As you will lose all your weapons and any ammo at the end of this level and never ever get it back, you can go pretty out of order with the weapons you have already collected. For example, you can use your Desert Eagle (if you have one) against vultures and even the Rocket Launcher against rattlesnakes. It does not matter!

The Detonator Switch

Lara begins the level Nevada Desert sliding down a cliff side slope and into a rocky valley below where a rock arch can be clearly seen up ahead.
You begin the level sliding down a slope and into the shown here, with the clear Rock Arch
This large area has two vultures and two rattlesnakes, and the formers appear at the very left point of the rock arch when you move ahead from the starting position. At the back of this valley is a small rocky path leading up to an area with a strange metal structure, which you cannot climb on from you current position. Move around to the edge of this area and witness a aircraft, specifically a B-2 Stealth Bomber doing practice, fly over Lara's head (they don't cause any damage). Although you cannot see it, there is a small hole in this structure leading down below, and the objective is to traverse the ledges above the valley where you started the level, then across the rock arch, then finally through the hole. If you haven't seen the plane yet, and are about to begin the aforementioned path to get to to the hole, make sure you wait for it to pass or Lara can be get knocked away from her intended target by it. At the bottom of the hole is a water filled tunnel that takes you to another canyon area. The main objective of this section is to reach the area behind those two waterfalls to the left when you enter the area. To do that you must scale several ledges around this canyon, fighting several nasty vultures on your way. It doesn't matter if you fall in the water, as there is an easy way up and several pick-ups on the floor.
The TNT Cave

Just before entering the area behind the waterfall, you will find a cave with a Detonator Plunger with a wire leading down to a box of TNT. This may be familiar with those who know the Tomb Raider II level Bartoli's Hideout. Like that time, a Detonator Switch is required for the TNT to explode, providing an access to another area.

When you do enter the area behind the waterfall (after experiencing two aircrafts fly over Lara's head) ,
Stealth aircraft
you uncover a gigantic cave-like area with a huge waterwheel. You'll meet an unfriendly worker behind it when you go and investigate. You probably already know this, but Workers attack using their fists, although they don't cause much damage.
The dead worker by the waterfall
They are very easy to kill, it will only take a couple of pistol shots (or one Desert Eagle shot, 20 Uzi bullets, one direct, close up hit with the shotgun, one rocket (duh!) etc). Strangely, they make no noise when they do die, unlike all other enemies who make gargles or groans when they snuff it. Using a ladder on one side of the waterwheel structure, you can climb to the top to discover an empty, metallic channel. At the end is a reservoir area with a large dam on the left. An underwater lever in the reservoir will open a tunnel directly to the inside of this dam (although, you have to pull two more levers to fully access it, the first one opens the grating to surface and the other opens a door in a passageway inside the dam). The switch inside the dam raises an elevator back in the waterwheel chamber, and opens a watergate down below, allowing water to travel along that metallic channel and to the waterwheel.
Up in the dam, overviewing the valley below
More importantly, as and as the ensuing cinematic shows when you pulled the switch, it also raises an elevator back in the waterwheel area.

Getting to the Elevator

You don't have to follow the underwater passage, and it would be dangerous to try, as when the switch was pulled, and the watergate opened, a current activates as the water is being pulled along to the waterwheel. If the current pulls you out, you will descend all the way to the bottom of the canyon area. Slide down the opening in the dam, jumping and angling to the left in order to land on the side of the reservoir instead of inside it.
The Detonator Switch

There are two ways to get to the elevator. One is just to go back the way you came, careful not to fall in the water. Go down the ladders and go (assuming you have the water wheel in front of you) to the right and around the perimeter of the cave to find an alcove with the elevator at the end.

The other way is to use several edges to the right of where you cam in to this area. These ledges lead to the area near the water wheel. A Rocket and two medi packs can be found doing this path.

You'll find a worker here, and the Detonator Switch inside the elevator.

Now you must make your way back to that detonator plunger in that TNT cave some time back. Exit the alcove with the elevator and take a series of jumps over those edges you used to get to this area. Then jump over to the cave one one side of the ledge.

Use the Detonator Switch to explode that TNT down below, causing the cave to blast open (although you do not see it) and quickly jump out of the way of a rolling boulder that just started to roll. Head down and climb and traverse the new ledges until pulling up into a whole new area, with a fenced compound to the left (not the High Security one).

The Compounds

Do not touch the electric fence, for obvious reasons. A common feature in the Nevada section is electrified material deadly to contact. Inside the fence you'll see a couple of Workers walking about, but they don't notice you. Around the perimeter of the fence, ignoring the sloped rock to the right leading to another area, is a crawl-space leading up to a pool with two underwater levers; one unlocks a door somewhere, and the other, although you don't know it, opens a door at the top of a water tower.
The Generator Access Card
Now backtrack to the that sloped rock you previously ignored and uncover another fence and a sign that reads "Photography of this area is prohibited" which is perfectly understandable, this part of Nevada containing Area 51 and all.
The Quad Bike
Behind the fence is the level exit, and to get to it (by crashing) you need a Quad Bike to pass the gap between the big ramp you can see and the (electric) fence. Anyway, you'll find that door you unlocked in this vicinity near two rattlesnakes (Note: For fun reasons, I keep these rattlesnakes alive until you get the Quad Bike here, then you can run them over). The switch inside fills the water tower with water, and this water tower can be found in another path leading off just past the crawl-space gap. There are two workers here, and after dealing with them, you can climb up to the water tower and take a running jump over the fence (for information, the open gap here is the one opened with one of those two underwater levers a while back) and into the Quad Bike compound.

The Quad Bike is found in a small hangar on the other side of where you land. If you want, you can ignore any of the prisoners you meet as you head over there, and run them all over plus two more in the hangar. Using the Quad Bike, you must get the Generator Access (Card) from the top of one of the buildings, using one of the ramps to get up there (NB: If you purposely leave the Quad Bike up there and jump off the building, you can jump onto some gratings which raised when you headed up there to get it back). Also, ignore the switch by the metal grate for later, or you'll get electrocuted.

Use the Generator Access Card inside the building with computers, newspaper clippings from the Observer and the Billiards Table. A worker appears when you insert the card. The switch there deactivates the electricity, allowing you to use that switch and get your Quad Bike out of this compound. Now drive down that rocky slope, run over those two rattlesnakes if you want, and take the Quad Bike up the ramp and over the fence, to end the level with a painful cutscene.


Lara, painfully, crashing
Checking to see if she has any consciousness left

Sadly, it's time to lose your weapons. Lara attempts to break into the High Security Compound, as we know, by flooring the Quad Bike up the ramp and over the electric fence. In the cutscene which follows straight after you drive over, it momentarily seems as if you're gonna make it, but as the music indicates, and what you then see, it's not going to be alright. The back of the Quad Bike hits the edge of the fence, causing the Quad Bike to twist violently and Lara flies off, hitting the ground with a painful bump. The Quad Bike continues to twist as well as Lara, who screams as she hits, full on in the face, the ground, and into the wall. The Quad Bike crashes to a halt next to her. She has been knocked out cold.

Two MP (Military Police officers in case you don't know) guards (with clubs) of the High Security Compound who witnessed Lara attempt this break-in approach her unconscious body.

"You crazy gear freak! What kind of a stunt is that to pull?" says one MP. He quickly examines her and finds she is knocked out, and so picks her up by the waist and arms. "Let’s take her in".

"She don’t look much like one of them, maybe she’s a peco-terrorist or something?" says the other interestedly. He grabs hold of Lara's arm and pulls it over his shoulder, as the other MP does the same

"And they were hot pants, huh?" the first MP says sarcastically.

Leaving the Quad Bike where it crashed, we see both MP's carry Lara across the shallow river and into the High Security Compound.

High Security Compound

A prisoner
It's happened again; Lara has lost her weapons, and has to get them back, but that's not simple. Unlike Offshore Rig in Tomb Raider II, where Lara has the opportunity to reclaim her weapons very early on in the level, for the majority of this level, Lara will be weaponless and she'll only get them back almost at the end. You can't end the level without the pistols, as you need them to kill one guard who drops a Blue Security Pass, very essential in completing the level. The Desert Eagle can be found (or re-found) along with the Pistols, and the Grenade Launcher is found as the second secret. You'll get some more weapons in the next level, so don't worry. The construction of the compound is set in different "Bay" areas, such as Bay C, or E.
MP with club
A MP with pistol

In terms of difficulty, High Security Compound is actually not to hard. Instead of usual puzzles and combat, this level focuses on sneaking past guards so as not to get hurt or get an item safely. Out of all the levels in the game, High Security Compound is the one that uses the most stealth, and there are several factors that you need to consider when sneaking past them for this level, and the next. They are:

  • If, in some cases, a guard has his back to you, do not go anywhere near him at a distance of about a square or two as he will hear you. Stay well away if possible.
  • If you are in a crawl-space and a guard is patrolling just outside (you can see his legs) wait to he heads in the direction with the most time and do not leave the crawl-space until you can no longer see his legs. You can tell if he's spotted you by a grunt of surprise. If he's armed, he will try to shoot you.
  • You can tell if a guard knows that you are there if you can hear their footsteps quicken, meaning their running.

If you know Tomb Raider II, you'll know that the background music, a dripping, generator like music, is from the Wreck of the Maria Doria levels.

You will encounter many friendly american prisoners in the level who will take care of the guards where possible. Like the workers, they punch with their fists and are capable of killing guards with one hit. There is no need to kill them when you get your weapons back, although, at the point when you do get them back, there is only one prisoner you can kill as all the others are in an unreachable previous area.

Bay C

Anyway, you will begin this level in a jail cell, conscious, and weaponless. All your ammo is completely gone except for one small medi pack, the save crystals for the PS Version players, and any meteoric artefact you have found so far. In this small cell is the prisoner necessities; a bed, a sink and a toilet. You will also hear a door close, symbolizing that she was just put inside. A guard is watching from outside although you cannot see him. To escape from your cell, you need to jump onto the windowsill with the green (harmless lasers). This acts as a trigger to open the door in case the occupant attempted to escape, and a guard with a club will come running in. As you have no weapons, you got to find a way to kill him, and that's through the use of a prisoner (or four). However, before you go and open the door yet, there is a a very easy way you can open a door with a prisoner and without getting hurt at all from the guards; From the starting position, back-flip onto the windowsill and open the door. Immediately jump forward as the guard comes in, and sprint out and to the left along the catwalk. The guard will momentarily hesitate before turning around and following you, and this gives you some time. Sprint past the first button and push the second, releasing one prisoner. The guard would of caught up with you by now, so turn right and down the stairs and let the prisoner take of the guard. When you hear a loud shriek you know the guard is dead.

For information, this area is called Bay C because of the metallic labels on the wall reading that.
The keys/cards in HSC except for the Blue Security Pass

In the holding area, you can push the other buttons to release more prisoners for later occasions. On the bottom floor you'll see a metal grate with a control room behind it; you'll come to that in a second.

In one of the cells is a movable crate labelled "M9-12". You must re-arrange them in order to reach the roof of the jail, and from there (using a switch) to to get to a walkway above that control room you saw. The grey pad in the floor is a trapdoor, and also note that there is a guard below pacing the corridor. You must jump over it at just the right time in order for the guard to not see you. You can tell if he's seen you either by he's surprised grunt or quickening footsteps. This can make the next section more difficult, not just for you, but for the prisoners. So, jump over this one at the right time and fall through the trapdoor at the end. Quickly enter the control room and pull the switch to open those metal grates to the jail, so the prisoners can take care of the guard (who weirdly does not notice them even when they're right in front of him if everything went well before). The control room contains a beeping radar device and several diagram computer screens. The guard will drop the Key Card Type A which goes into the nearby slot.

Bay D

At the end of this accessed area is the bathroom facilities for the prisoners. Here and in another room, a box must be moved so as to reach the lower one of the two holes in the ceiling, pull the switch up there to flood the bathroom, and then use the water to access the other hole. Below the gap in the floor are some deadly fire emitters on the stove (below is the kitchen), which need to be turned off by a switch in another area by the hole to the stoves (this switch is located past two barb-wire holes).
A control room in the High Security Compound

In the Kitchen area, some gratings cover the fans up on the ventilation system on the wall. You have to raise those grating in order to continue. The switch is located in a small control room just off this Kitchen (past the door with a button). The door on the left is the control room, and the right leads to the mess hall where the prisoners eat and drink. However, there is a guard inside the control room which you must take care of before you push the button, so first open the door to the mess hall, then the control room. Lead the guard through the opening to the right, and then to the left and you'll find yourself back near the prison cells, and now the prisoners can finish him off.

Backtrack to the button, and push it to raise the grates, and carefully walk past the fans and through the crawl-space tunnel to the right (after a drop-off and a shimmy to the left).

Bay E

The crawl-space leads to a ladder. At the top a prisoner will use a hand pad to lower a grating above you, allowing you to climb up there. The prisoner is stuck where he is, so just ignore him and climb up the grating to a green gradient slope. If you quickly race up, you'll see a MP walk slowly into a small corridor to the left. Grab his attention, and sprint into the metallic yard opposite where the guard is standing. Head to the left, and down all the ledges. Push the button to release a prisoner.

Note: You may encounter a very annoying, game flaw which is that the prisoner climbs up a ledge just as the guard climbs down, and vice versa. They continue to circle each other, and to solve this without reloading you need to use yourself as bait. Place Lara in the middle of their circle and wait for the guard to hesitate. This brief hesitation will allow the prisoner to catch up and kill him.

This guard will drop the Key Card Type B when he dies. Head back to where you came and notice the sentry guns (aka gun turrets) on the ceiling and above the green lasers. Passing these lasers will activate the turrets which are also motion and thermal sensitive. Although you can pass through all of them and not get killed, just slightly damaged, and to the next area, using the Key Card shuts them off so you can pass them safely.
The upper levels of the High Security Compund

Past the gun turrets is a ladder leading down to a huge yard with a distant guard patrolling. Set free the prisoners from the cells on the left, and, if you want, open the door at the back so the previous prisoner can also help. This guard will drop the Yellow Security Pass on his defeat, which is inserted into the yellow panel by the hangar. Inside, you can see a parked stealth bomber through the glass windows. As you head down the small, green, corridor, a camera view will show an armed MP pacing the ground below, at the bottom of the slope. For this reason, do not go anywhere near the slope, and instead crawl through the clear opening.

Strangely, when you find a glass window overlooking the guard, he does not notice you at all. Drop off at the other end when the guard is heading towards the opposite wall and immediately crawl towards the switch (the camera will keep track of the guard). Pull the switch at just the right time so a red laser beam is activated and slices the guard. It also raises a gate leading all the way to a huge satellite dish tower (this laser beam is also deadly to Lara).

There is a small hallway leading to another control room at the opposite side of this tower when you reach it. Below you can see another level of the tower some way down. You'll come to that later, but for now, enter that control room mentioned before by jumping to the hallway.

Inside the control room is a button which moves the huge satellite dish on the top of the tower, revealing a small hole through the tower. The tower area can be re-accessed with the door inside the control room, which leads to the long path back to the tower. After a simple journey you would of reached this now exposed hole and staring down its gigantic drop to a vague water source far, far below.

You fall through the whole tower when you drop into this hole, and land into a pool. This pool is seriously affected by strong currents from four underwater outlets, and also a strong current from a small hole in the bottom of the hole. This hole leads to a long underwater tunnel, but the current, caused by an underwater fan, will stop you. The current can be hard to maneuver around, and the best way to do it is to fall through the centre of the hole, and as soon as you hit water quickly roll and swim upwards before you get sucked in by the current. The surface part has no current, so you can surface safely and pull up to the low edge. If you find yourself being dragged away by the current, do the following; swim away from the outlet in a horizontal direction, not diagonal, as that will not work as effectively. Once you pull free over the central structure, pull up before the current in the long underwater passage sucks you down (and you cannot escape this current). Also, down in the pool, you will see an underwater passageway leading off, and you will come to that later.
One of the loading bays

Traverse the ledges around this pool until you reach the PCB lined crawl-space. This leads to a long hallway with a switch that opens a door in another hallway directly by it, but the grating there stops you from getting to it that way. Head back to the pool and now through the underwater passage. A darkened crawl-space lies at the end, and you can see the pacing feet of a MP with a pistol just beyond it. Wait until he goes to the left (and when you can no longer see his feet) before crawling out and sprinting through to the right before he sees you and makes the next section almost impossible. Climb the first ladder and follow the hallway to reach that lower ledge of the satellite dish tower. At the other end is another ladder leading to a very stealthy moment of the level. A guard has his back to you to the left, and to the right in a crawl-space lies where a second Yellow Security Pass is found. Beyond him you can see a door with a key card slot, and this is the second secret, but you need the key card which is dropped by this guard, and so you need some weapons to get it.
The loading bay up top with the gratings

The Yellow Security Pass fits into a slot back down both ladders. It closes a door in front of the underwater fan, removing the current and accessing a safe way into this tunnel. The nearby ladder will take you to an area where you can return to the pool instead of a hellacious backtrack.

This passageway will take you (after pulling an underwater ever along the way) to a small room with yellow, harmful lasers. A good way to get over them and to the block behind, jump from the middle of your current ledge. Another underwater passage there leads to a huge loading bay with several crates, a prisoner (who is game-rigged so he cannot help you fight the next couple of guards. This is done so if in the case that he kills all the guards or the one with the Blue Security Pass, so you wont need your weapons and possibly end the level without them. Of course, to finish the level you still need another Yellow Security Pass which is found high above and the prisoner cannot reach there, but the game producers seem to of forgotten this) and a pacing guard up top.

The Blue Security Pass

Up on the crates as soon as you enter is a small, crate filled room, and a small button that opens the nearby door. It leads to a small storage room with your Pistols, a Desert Eagle with three sets of clips, and a Large Medi Pack. At last!!!


Now that you have some weapons, you can backtrack to where you saw that guard with his back to you so as to get the second Key Card Type B and use it to get the second secret; A Grenade Launcher. If not, stay in this room and head up the obvious ramp until you can hear the main theme start, and symbolizing the start of a battle as it usually does. Several armed MP's will be up there, and a MP with club is racing up to an entry bay in order to release two more MP's with guns. If you use the Desert Eagle to kill the unarmed MP before he reaches the pad in which he releases the other guards, you wont have to worry about them. When you do kill them all and approach the yard with the metal gate to the left, a German Shepard will coming running from behind. One guard dropped a Blue Security Pass when he died. This fits into an electrical panel up a clear ladder near the yard. Inside are two buttons and a MP with a club waiting for you. One button (the furthest from the entrance) will unlock that metal grate, letting in a guard and his dog. However, the grate closes behind them, so it's best to just ignore that button to avoid these kills. The other button will activate a conveyor belt back in the ramp pathway, moving a crate down back to the loading room.
The outdoor Loading Bay with the truck and storage hangar

This crate stops beneath a ladder you could not reach before. Either now or earlier you would of noticed the pacing MP above you. The gratings on the ceiling allow you to traverse to a hole beneath the glass platform in which the MP is moving, and so kill him and claim the third, yes third, Yellow Security Pass from his dead body. This fits into that yellow electrical panel back on the floor of this loading bay, and opens the nearby grates to the next area, the outdoor loading area. Two MP's hide out here; one coming from the left, another in the big storage hangar by the truck. Two clear, closed, gates lie opposite the truck and into the open Nevada roads. In the storage hangar, you can find some Desert Eagle clips in a hole, and those are important in the next level.

To end the level, just step inside the truck to activate a cutscene.


Lara drinking the soda
The cut-scene begins with Lara stepping into the inside of the truck. Oddly, she holds no weapons in her holsters. Suddenly, she hears a noise from outside in the storage hangar and quickly runs around the perimeter of a soda crate-box and crouches behind it, peering over. Two men close the doors to the back of the truck, sealing Lara in. Feeling safer, Lara stands up, looking around, and hears the ignition of an engine start. She ducks down and pulls out a soda out of the crate, opens it and starts drinking.

"You’re all ready!" calls one of the men who closed the doors from outside the truck

"OK, see ya." says the driver, and the trucks starts to move. Lara almost falls over as it does, and then pulls herself onto the crate, finishing her soda as the truck exits the High Security Compound and into the Nevada Desert. It's destination is Area 51.

Area 51

Area 51, the final and most difficult of the Nevada levels, has always been of great specification by numerous people across the world. It is most famously heard of as a location of alien autopsy and examination, and holding bays for unidentified flying objects. This level starts off as showing no interesting alien evidence, but later on you may encounter many strange un-earth experiences, such as a bigger-on-the-inside UFO, a discontinued alien autopsy, an alien in preservation mounted on the wall and several others.
An Area 51 gun turret
Element 115, the Nevada meteoric artefact, is located at the very centre of the UFO. Do remember that these artefacts were formed by the planets, as Willard stated, so this may link to the whole alien idea.
The difficult to defeat Guard with laser-sight
Area 51 begins in ventilation ducts and the highest floors of the base, before you descend into the mysterious depths that lie within. Combat is tough, with heavy armored guards with a dangerous gun combined with a laser-sight. Note, these enemies will fire a few, last, powerful shots when they die, so watch out, stepping over or away before they shoot. Only two prisoners can be found, and they're found only at the beginning, although you now have some weapons to use against your enemies after the hellacious retrieval in the last level.
An electronic hand-pad

An very important note is that of Electronic Hand Pads, which you may of seen in the previous level, but pose much more of a threat to you now. In the beginning of the level especially, guards will attempt to reach the hand pad to activate lasers, close storage doors (leading to some significant pick-ups) and in one case, close a grating to one of the secrets. The solution is to kill the enemy quickly, and very quickly at that. The Desert Eagle seems the only gun powerful enough, but others may suffice.

Gun Turrets also become much more numerous, but either in this level or the previous you will notice that Lara will aim at these turrets as if they were alive, and that's because she has the option to destroy them if necessary, although you never have to. The Desert Eagle is suitable for gun turret destruction, with five shots required to destroy one. If destroyed, any harmless lasers that caused the turret to fire do nothing, making things much easier, but with the expense of losing quite a lot of ammo, and if you do shoot it it will immediately target and fire.

On a final note, you have the option to reclaim (or claim) the Shotgun and MP5 early on in the level, and feel pretty free to use a proportion of the latter to aid you in the level, as you will definitely need it.
Code Disk (one green, one blue)

You begin the level behind the very same crate Lara found the soda in the previous cutscene, in the truck, and in an Area 51 loading bay. The MP5 is found very close, but you have to defy a hand pad and there's a very easy way to do it. For your information, when you pass the metallic corridor ahead, a guard will appear a run towards a near pad just by a big red sign that shows that the alcove contains an MP5. You'll have to sprint quickly into the MP5 room before the guard uses the hand pad to activate fatal red lasers that block the entrance. When you inside, you can kill the guard with your pistols, and use the switch to deactivate the lasers if he activated them when you were in the room. Don't forget the MP5, and two clips to go with it.

The next section is in a ventilation system accessed by a button. Moving Lasers make their debut. Moving Lasers sweep in a left to right or forwards backwards direction, and can badly harm Lara. Usually, you can either crawl or use a monkey-swing frame to bypass it. After this first moving laser lies another stealth challenge; a guard is pacing the hallway ahead, moving to the right, just after a small crawl-space. You need to kill him before he reaches a hand-pad which activates lasers, although they don't stop you from doing the next section. A prisoner can be located to the left, in a cell opened by a switch. He doesn't do much to help.
Area 51 missile bay

Past more crawl-spaces is one more little stealth element. You can see a MP standing up ahead, and if he sees you he will dash to a nearby hand pad, which closes a door to a room with Harpoons, a Rocket and Grenades. You may also see one of those aforementioned armored guards patrolling outside the windows, and the switch by the grating (and behind it you can see five switches, you'll come to that much later) and you plummet to the area with the guard (who doesn't notice you yet). There is another hand-pad here, which the guard will use if he sees you and close the grating to the first secret, and release two dogs. You will have to use the Desert Eagle to kill him quickly enough so he doesn't reach that pad. Remember, these enemies shoot even when they die, so if you're in front of him get out of the way to avoid unnecessary health loss!
The Hangar Access Key, similar the Yellow Security Passes

A small switch down there on the catwalk unlocks a grating opposite the secret. You may notice there is a guard down there too, and to get to him and the grating (no pad this time) you must find the trapdoor on the catwalk which sends you down there. The open grating leads to another trapdoor above a huge metallic walkway, where the Shotgun can be re-claimed in a small crawl-space which shortcuts past two sentry turrets. You also have the option to release the final prisoner, who can pass through lasers without setting off the turrets, and help you with the several following guards. One guard can be seen at the end of the metallic walkway, and two more come out when you pass the threshold of the open doorway (which closes). A ventilation duct re-access the point past this door.

Hangar Access

The next area is all to do with missiles. On the T-Junction, the right leads to a room holding a huge yellow missile, and the left leads to a large missile construction room. In the room with the huge missile another guard will drop a blue Code Disk. This fits into a computer in the other room (over some gun turret activating green lasers) and raises some missiles so as to reach a ladder.
The computer's for the Code Disks. This particular computer is for the second Code Disk later on in the level, but the computer's look exactly the same.

Another guard will drop a Hangar Access Key when he dies once you're up there. This fits into a panel at the bottom of the huge-yellow missile room, at the end of a small corridor leading off behind it. The obvious hole in the floor near the panel leads to a room which requires a Launch Code Pass to launch a missile (which is required).

Using the Hangar Access Key provides access to a small station, where the guards of the base use electrical cars to get to the other small station some way away. The electrical cars travel along an electrified track, but we don't actually get to use the cars. Lara does have to move one, but only to access an above ventilation system to get the rest of the way, as due to the position of the track, you cannot get past any other way. Up in the ventilation system, moving lasers sweep the ceiling, and you must carefully use the monkey-swing grating and to get past so as not to get sliced.

Inside the second station is a long tunnel leading up to a huge, locked room with the UFO parked inside. Watch out for those lasers, which set off Gun Turrets, as you move around the perimeter, eyeing that freaky spaceship with anxiety and anticipation as you go.
The Launch Code Pass

You can find a large room with two catwalks, a central computer, and two sealed doors in front. A MP here will attempt to run to a Hand-Pad to activate a gun turret, so make sure you kill him before he gets there. The deal here is to press the two separate buttons, one on each catwalk, to open those two sealed doors and get through them before they close, as they're sadly timed. You might as well push both buttons in no particular order first (as one door will remain open for longer) so as to deal with the two guards who appear, one on each button. Then push the button which lasts longer first, then the other button, and then sprint through those open doors to find yourself in that room with the five switches you saw through the grating much earlier on.
On top of the UFO, where the Launch Code Pass is found

The second, fourth and fifth switches will open the doors to the UFO containment. Head back there (either ignoring or killing a guard in the switch room) through the doorway next to how you came in and briefly view the massive, unearthly craft. You need another Code Disk to get in, so instead push the nearby button to lower a trapdoor at the top of the nearby ladder, and head up, backflipping off to reach a ledge high above the containment room, and then to a ledge just above the UFO, where you can see the Launch Code Pass on top of the alien spacecraft. You have to do a hellacious backtrack in order to use it, and it is essential. You have to make your way back to that aforementioned hole, just after the room with the yellow missile. You have to launch it in order to reach the area with the second Code Disk.

Upon using the Launch Code Pass in it's respective slot down the hole (and below the missile), the cover on the Cover Switch will raise, revealing the button to launch the yellow missile.

Cover Switch Bug

It is possible to use the switch behind the cover without having to raise the cover. This page will explain how to do this: - Cover Bug

Watchtower Area

Using the button will activate a cinematic where the missile is about to launch. Very Quickly, you have to run through the now open door, using the look button to remove the cinematic, to escape the extremely dangerous missile exhaust fumes which spread rapidly. Once the missile has been launched (to wherever it's going), and the fumes disappear, you can return to the room which housed the yellow missile and now access a whole new area, as a ledge was knocked down when the missile was launched. A MP is up there, along with a switch which takes you to an area with a watchtower looking over an electric fence and the Nevada sunset-coloured sky, with a guard watching from on top. You can use your MP5 to kill him, and another MP lurking on one side of the courtyard. One more guard lurking in the adjoining control room will drop the second Code Disk on his defeat. Instead of taking an enormous backtrack to the UFO containment room where the disk is used, you can use the switch in the room to lower a trapdoor back in the yard, which will take you directly back to the UFO containment room, where you can utilize the Code Disk in another computer.
The discontinued Alien autopsy room
The Friendly orcas inside the tank

Alien Evidence

Using that Code Disk did four things:

  • Lower the trapdoor in the UFO, where the Element 115 is kept
  • Open a nearby door to a discontinued Alien Autopsy
  • Open a nearby door to the area outside the Orca tank.
  • Open the door to the third secret, providing access to the inside of the Orca tank

If you do go to get the third secret, the Orcas are friendly, gentle creature and will not harm Lara.

Inside the central chamber, where the Element 115 can be seen on the central pedestal
Inside the Discontinued Alien Autopsy room, the one alien on the examination table seems lifeless, large and even as far as scary. In the room outside the orca tank, you'll find an alien mounted upon the wall, freakily looking out (dead). Anyway, it's time to complete the Nevada levels, so climb up into the UFO's freaky interior.
The freaky interior of the Unidentified Flying Object
Inside, you will find that it is much bigger on the inside, and that the walls, ceiling and floor are covered in a horrible, fleshy, substance which squishes unpleasantly under Lara's feet. The trapdoor will close as you move on, and up into the next floor, where steam can be seen ventilating off the floor. A guard is waiting for you at one point in the room, where a hole in the ceiling provides access to the final, central room.

In this huge, metallic green, room, several aliens can be seen also mounted on the walls. Strange, alien devices can be seen, and these seem like driving devices. Watch out for some invisible, harmful lasers around the mounted aliens, if you want to explore the room. On the central pedestal is the Element 115. Two guards will appear when you approach it, so quickly run to it and grab it to end the level, and the Nevada section.

Nevada Statistics

Level No (Considering all possibilities) Nevada Level Number of Enemies (Maximum) Types of Enemies Number of Secrets Types of Traps and Obstacles Significant Finds
Either 05, 09, or 13 Nevada Desert 29 Vultures, Rattlesnakes, Workers 3 Rolling Boulders, Current affected water, Electric Fences, Barbwire, Quick sand, Detonator Switch, Generator Access (Card), Quad Bike
Either 06, 10, or 14 High Security Compund 13-14 (Excluding Prisoners, and guards killed by the prisoners) MP with club, MP with pistol, German Shepard dog, 2 Gun Turrets, Fire Emitters, Barbwire, Stealth obstacles, Weaponless Situations, Lasers, Current Affected water, Fan Blades, Hooks Pistols, Desert Eagle, Grenade Launcher, Keycard Type A, Keycard Type B (X2), Yellow Security Pass (X3), Blue Security Pass
Either 07,11, or 15 Area 51 31 Laser-point Guards, MP with club, German Shepard dog 3 Security Hand Pads, Moving Lasers, Electrified Track, Gun Turrets, Lasers, Hooks, Missile Exhaust Fire MP5, Shotgun, Code Disk (X2), Launch Code Pass, Hangar Access Key, the Element 115

Area Selection - Next Location


ANTARCTICA loading.jpg
The Antarctica section concludes Lara's adventures. You can only come to this cold part of the world after completing all three of the non-linear section


LONDON loading.jpg
The London section, the most difficult focuses on finding the Eye of Isis which Stephen Barr brought to England. Lara travels from the rooftops of London, to an abandoned tube station, and then to the underwater passages beneath the immense building belonging to Sophia Leigh, the owner of the artefact.

South Pacific Islands

Among the scattered islands of French Polynesia is a cannibalistic tribe descended from the Antarctica Polynesians who fled. Their ruler, the Puna, owns one of the meteoric artifacts, and Lara must make her way through the tribe settlement, then a dinosaur infested crash site, followed by the gigantic Madubu Gorge, before descending into the Temple of Puna.



LONDON loading.jpg
London, the capital of the United Kingdom and England, is one of the locations on Lara's list. She is now looking for the meteoric artefact which Stephen Barr sold upon his return to the city. Unknown to Lara, this artefact was sold to cosmetic tycoon Sophia Leigh, who has been using the powers of this meteoric artefact, the Eye of Isis, to give her immortality, or as close to it as she could get. Her office lies in the heart of the London district of City, hence why the last level is called 'City'. The four London levels are the most difficult to complete of the non-linear section of Tomb Raider III. As said long before, the levels are very intricate, detailed and complex, especially Aldwych, but these levels can influence a very good game atmosphere. After studying a map of London, the order of the levels in terms of location seems adequate; the locations in each level are pretty close, such as St Pauls is only a few streets away from Aldwych, which makes chronological sense if All Hallows took place between the first and second London levels.

London was founded mostly in the Roman times, when it was called Londinium. The famous monarchy was instituted in 1066 by William I, and lasted until 1649, when it was abolished at the end of the English Civil War. The monarchy was re-instated in 1660 and has lasted to today. The modern city of London is comprised of many districts, an underground network of train stations and several famous landmarks. Most people live in the area around the outskirts of London.

Thames Wharf Overview

Lara begins the London section on a ledge high above the city, in the level Thames Wharf. Thames Wharf is an actual location in London, but is so far away from where the other locations are set can't be that. Thames Wharf here is generally a large industrial estate. St Pauls Cathedral can be seen across an enormous gap in the skyline. The main objective of Thames Wharf is to first cross the rooftops of the wharf, and through the industrialism by the Thames, and then enter the Thames Barrier. The Thames Barrier is a massive flood-control construction, built between 1974 and 1984 to minimize the chances of severe flooding in the heavily populated city. Here, Lara uses many switches to control the amount of water entering several large tanks, and to access an underwater tunnel leading to an abandoned part of the St Pauls Cathedral, where Lara can then get to the roof of the colossal cathedral construction. After a small ambush, Lara enters the abandoned Aldwych tube station via a bell tower (this is where All Hallows would come in).

Aldwych Overview

Aldwych Station Map.png

A lot of information can be collected about Aldwych tube station. Here is a piece of interesting information about the station. Content details such as dates and names are from Wikipedia.

Aldwych tube station was closed in 1994 due to a lack of passengers using the branch-line between Holborn station and Aldwych, and also because of the large price of fixing service lifts which often broke in the station. The station was located in the small London location of Aldwych, surrounded by the Strand. Aldwych is the terminating station, and the only station, of the small Holborn division line, leading off the Holborn intersection station. Despite it being separate, it's still part of the Piccadilly Line, which travels from south-west to north-east (blue line on left image). The station opened as Strand Station, on the 30th November 1907, on the site of the Royal Strand Theatre, and was not originally intended to be a terminating station. It was to be the southern station for the Great Northern and Strand Railway, which was to run from Finsbury Park in the north to the Strand, but this idea was rejected, and Strand became a small, terminating branch. The station was renamed "Aldwych" in 1917 so that the tube station name 'Strand' could be given to what later became the Northern line part of Charing Cross. It was temporarily closed in 1940 when it was used as an air-shelter in the London Blitz. Other parts of the station held artifacts from the British Museum to keep them safe in the air-raids. It was re-opened in 1946 and it lasted until the 30th September 1994, when the repair cost of an faulty elevator was uneconomical for the London Underground service. It was left abandoned and sealed off, and it's name was removed from the London Underground map. Ironically, the last day of the stations service was it's most busiest.

Aldwych station interior
[4] Nowadays, the Aldwych tube station has become a popular location in movies and television series. Aldwych was used in one episode of Most Haunted Live! Total Darkness and was also used in movies such as 'Creep' and 'V for Vendetta', as it has been mostly preserved (not by human hand) and is a ideal location for many genres of films, especially horror.
The outside of Strand Station

Aldwych/Strand Facts:

  • In the real station, there are only two platforms, whether the Tomb Raider version states three (or more).
  • The use of Aldwych was replaced by the nearby station Temple, which was better connected than Aldwych.
  • The abandoned station was also used in ITV Drama show 'Primeval', 'The Bank Job' movie, 'Superman IV' and 'Patriot Games'.
  • More famously, Strand Station was used in the 2008 film 'The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian".

In Tomb Raider III

Core Design have done a very good job in creating the interesting ambience of the Aldwych level. This level takes four years after the station was closed, and the effects of this lengthy period can be seen in the level. Parts of the tube tunnels have collapsed, land-slides can be seen, and some parts of the station have become waterlogged. The background noise, which is evidently unique to the level, is a the sound of metal creaking and the wind whistling from above, creating more of an effect of the level's environment. However, in Tomb Raider III, the station (which is much bigger in the game than in real life) is home to a gang of deformed, mutated beings, christening themselves "The Damned" and their equally mutated dogs populate the ruins. These beings were, as it was revealed at the cutscene with the leader (Bob) at the end of Aldwych, failed experiments of Sophia Leigh, who dumped them through the waste disposal system and into Aldwych, presumed dead. There they exist, hiding in secret from the normal Londoners above them, disassociating themselves from society. The results of Sophia Leigh's experiment with the Eye of Isis artefact caused these once ordinary men to be faceless, and immortal (which Sophia was testing for). It is actually unknown whether only Bob or the whole Damned are immortal, but if it is the latter, Lara may be only stunning the Damned instead of killing them, but there is no proof of this factor.

A new and unique trap to the Aldwych level is the several underground trains, which, if they hit Lara when she's on the tracks, will instantly kill her. This trap has not been properly thought about, because of the location of Aldwych station. It is a terminating station, first of all, which means that there should no trains coming or going from abandoned Aldwych as it finishes there. Also, as there is no other station on this Holborn branch, no train should even be coming down here if the track isn't already closed off anyway. The station is much bigger in the game than it is in real life. The game designers only influenced this factor because if it was too small, you would not be able to get a decent level from the area. Finally, the use of the Old Penny seems obsolete. Devices which use and give the Old Penny should not be there as those particular machines would of been removed at the point of British decimalisation on the 15th February 1971, where the Old British currency was changed to the current currency of the pound.

The level focuses on the collection of many different keys and objects to reach the main lair of the Damned, fighting many of their gang members on the way. At one point, you will experience a large construction drill, cutting it's way through a deep shaft in the station, attempting construction. You will often be forced onto the tracks so as to reach some adjacent tunnel, and almost always you'll encounter an oncoming train which you must dodge by sprinting into that tunnel. You will require a Maintenance Key to get an Old Penny, to get a Ticket and two Solomon's Keys to get a Masonic Mallet, to indirectly access the entrance to the lair of the damned, where Lara becomes friends with their leader by promising him some Embalming Fluid from the british Natural History Museum.

'Lud's Gate' and 'City' Overview

The Underwater Propulsion Unit
Lud's Gate derives its name from the London district of Ludgate, and Ludgate Hill , which is very near Aldwych and St Pauls. Ludgate was the most western gate of the London Wall, which was built around the city by the Romans for access to roman roads. There are many "-gate" suffixed places in London which were once locations for these numerous gates, such as Aldgate or Cripplegate. However, the Natural History Museum, where half the level takes place, is located very far away from the area of Ludgate and Aldwych. There, inside the museum at nightfall, Lara uncovers the Embalming Fluid inside a mummy preservation room, and then delivers this back to the damned who trade it for direct access to the basement areas of Sophia Leigh's corporation building and also, they give her their Underwater Propulsion Unit, the London vehicle. The UPU, for short, is the only vehicle in the game with the ability to launch a weapon (in this case Harpoons, but only the ones you have collected so far in your inventory, not an unlimited source like in the previous game) and can dramatically accelerate Lara's swimming speed. On the other hand, the UPU is very difficult to handle in the water, and you have to register that it is the Jump button which controls the UPU, not the action button, which in this case launches the Harpoons. The UPU does not have automatic targeting, so you have to be careful when using it so not to waste ammo (unless you already have the Harpoon Gun, which you can use instead of the firer on the UPU). Even if you can't control it, you should definitely try to park it somewhere useful, as this level has an unusual amount of swimming involved, and some of the periods underwater can harm Lara unless you have the UPU to speed up the process.
Sophia Leigh

Anyway, in the level, there is only one Key (the Boiler Room Key) and of course, the Embalming Fluid. Enemies include Museum Guards armed with a single pistol, and an old classic baddy from the rig and Maria Doria levels of Tomb Raider II; the Frogman. This time, they are much less numerous (there is only four in the level and the game) and are much easier to defeat, taking only one Desert Eagle shot or the equivalent of four harpoons. They themselves are armed with a Harpoon Gun, but they don't have to reload like Lara does after every fourth shot. You will also encounter Crocodiles for the first time, or the second time if you completed the South Pacific prior to London.

The level concludes with Lara jumping her way through Sophia's building, and into her office for a confrontation with her.

Sophia Leigh attacking using the powers of compressed atmospherical energy from the Eye of Isis meteoric artefact

Sophia escapes after arguing with Lara, into the area outside her office where Lara battles her in the next level "City". By the term "battle", I do not mean with weapons as she is immortal and indestructible to any weapon, but not electricity. The Eye of Isis is used against Lara as Sophia launches beams of compressed atmospherical energy from her scepter, which the Eye of Isis is mounted onto. These blasts harm Lara, especially if they hit her directly. An important note is that Sophia has to recharge the Eye of Isis and absorb more energy after a period of shots. Do not get hit with the first shot she fires from her scepter after recharging, as this shot is dramatically more damaging, taking away two thirds of your health. The objective of the level is very simple; just to climb up blocks and ledges, and one ladder and to activate the electricity under a metallic walkway on which Sophia should be standing on at the time, and kill her. As Tony, or the Puna, she will incinerate in a blast of blue shock-wave energy upon her defeat, and the Eye of Isis is left upon her defeat (although you have to deactivate the electricity using a button or you'll end up the same way as Sophia).

Section Features

  • In the London section, Lara is wearing a stylish black catsuit (which she slightly rips at the end of Aldwych).
  • In Thames Wharf and City you can see a poor image of London in the background.
  • The entire section is played at night.

Thames Wharf

The Thames Wharf level is the most simple of the London levels, but is still intricate to a certain degree. This level can easily be divided into two sections; the Thames Wharf Industrial estate, and the Thames Barrier area (followed by the rooftops of St Pauls Cathedral). To access the Thames Barrier, Lara must make her way over the rooftops and interiors of the industrialism, using a key (The Flue Room Key) to indirectly provide access to the barrier.
A Tomb Raider III rat
There is a range of enemies in this level, including Crows (their debut appearance), Rats, Sophia Leigh's assassins (armed with a laser-sight rifle) and the Barrier Guards (armed with a single pistol). If you have completed the Nevada section you'll see that Sophia Leigh's assassins resemble the Area 51 guards, but with a different appearance and a distinguishable British accent when they shout "Hey!" after noticing Lara. These assassins, like the Area 51 guards, will shoot several more damaging shots upon their death, unnecessarily taking some of your health. Make sure to get out of their line of fire to avoid this from happening. The Barrier Guards do the same, but only shoot one shot after dying which tends to miss depending on how far you are from them. Crows and Rats don't need much tactical analysis, and are both easy to kill, but is it is worth noting that Rats always come in pairs.
Where you begin the level, facing St Pauls over an enormous drop in the skyline
A dead Sophia Leigh assassin

In this level you will experience an apparently endless drop in the skyline, between the industrialism and St Pauls. If you fall into it, you'll die (you probably wont see her die, but the Game Over screen will appear soon enough). The only safe way across (aside the huge level shortcut using the crane in the middle of the skyline chasm) is an underwater tunnel accessed by correctly completing the Thames Barrier section, which directly leads to St Pauls.

The Industrial Estate

Anyway, you begin the level on a ledge overlooking the skyline chasm and St Pauls. The first secret can be found by using the crane structure. The first section of the industrialism is to claim the Flue Room Key from a Sophia Leigh Assassin, in a small estate accessed by a zip line. You will experience a crow and some rats in the process. When fighting the assassins, don't overlook the use of the MP5 or Grenade Launcher if you have any of these - they work well.
Flue Room Key b.jpg

Then, using a switch, a trapdoor can be lowered to access an area below it, with five openings. One of the five openings leads to a switch (through a long crawl-space) which raises the cover on a Cover Switch someplace else. As you can't go anywhere from this point, you must go back along the crawl-space to the openings, then to the courtyard at the bottom of the estate, and use the three long ladders to reach back where you started the level.
The five openings in Thames Wharf

You wont be able to re-use the zip-line as the handle was moved when you used it, but you don't need it anyway, The deal is to reach the platform where that little Small Medi Pack lies, and you can use the crack in the wall to shimmy all the way to the right and pull up to another area.

For your information, the path to the Thames Barrier is on the left hand path (the one leading up), but a Fire Emitter stops you from accessing the tunnel. The Cover Switch you raised is up on the right path (past the British flags on the scaffolding), guarded by a lone Crow. This switch lowers the scaffolding so it is level with a small alcove with the door requiring the Flue Room Key.

A Flue Room is generally an area where exhaust fumes, from places like factories or even kitchens, can be released. The one here is currently inactive, and larger than a normal Flue, but the whole concept of a Flue Room fits the whole Industrial Estate construction idea. Inside this Flue Room is a button which turns off the burner that denies you from getting to the Thames Barrier, but also activates the fire emitters in the room, which must be avoided so you can return to the entrance. Sadly, you can't return to the ledge leading to the Cover Switch, as it is too high, so instead Lara must take the long path through the nearby long crawl-space leading to the five openings, then to the courtyard, and then to the ladders to once again return to where you started the level.

After returning to the block which once housed the Small Medi Pack, and then the crack in the wall, you'll find yourself back at the fork (the right path leads to the Cover Switch). That particular path is now occupied by an assassin, which you can totally ignore if you wish. Up on the left-hand path (the one you climb up onto) you'll find a hole in the path. This is where the burner was, before you turned it off using the button in the Flue Room. You can now follow the sliding tunnels to arrive in the Thames Barrier.

The Thames Barrier

NB: This section focuses on the use of two Cover Switches which must be raised and used at certain intervals. By using the Cover Bug you can complete the section more easily, and you do not have to complete the electric robot section.
The Thames Barrier area, and shown here is the entrance to the hallway with blocks on the left hand side
One of the tanks
The Thames Barrier complex here in this level is divided into three huge tanks. When you enter the Thames Barrier area, the first tank can be located down the first avenue leading off of the long hallway with blocks on the left-hand side. The First Tank is half-full with water at the present minute. The Second Tank is located past the hallway at the very end of the hallway with blocks. This tank is completely empty. A small corridor one the left hand side of the tank leads to the third tank, which is also empty but you can't reach that area anyway. In the small room where you came into this area, the wall switch distributes water to and from the first and second tanks. This is important, and you will use this switch more than once. Both buttons behind the two covers fill the third tank with water, and why both buttons do the same thing will be shown later.
The Electrical Machine room

After dropping into the Thames Barrier, you will encounter a Barrier Guard who will come from the hallway with blocks. These guards are armed with a single pistol, and these particular enemies probably have the most artificial intelligence in the game. For example, if you crawl around the perimeter of the block in the center of the Cover Switch room, they'll most likely crawl too so as to defy you. The best way to tackle these guards is to get to a vantage point. For this first one, you can jump to the green, closed trapdoor in the middle of the room and crouch there, whilst shooting. You will not get hit at all.
A vague map showing the location of the crate, and where it can go to confuse the electrical machine so it hits the panel

The objective in the barrier is to open a trapdoor in the third tank which leads directly to St Paul's Cathedral, across the skyline chasm. Firstly, a underwater lever needs to be pulled in the second tank to open a trapdoor in the first one, but as there is no water in the second tank you must use the wall switch in the Cover Switch room to fill both tanks to the brim. The trapdoor in the first room leads to an underwater room with huge fans, but as the amount of water in the tank is so high, the pressure is causing them spin quickly, so they are deadly. Instead, the wall switch must be pulled once more so half the water is removed, and the fans slow down enough for you to pass safely.

Past a short corridor with another Barrier Guard, and a crawl-space with two rats, you'll find yourself in a large, brown room with a Yellow Electrical Machine roaming around. DO NOT let the wires which spin around the front of the machine touch you, as you'll be electrocuted. When you enter the room, you'll be shown an image of an electrical panel, and the deal here is to confuse the machine and make it hit that panel, so as to short-circuit both the machine and panel and raise one of the two Cover Switches. To confuse it, you must move a metal crate to the point shown on the image to the right. When it has hit the block (when it is in it's correct position) it will turn around, loop around the perimeter before turning into the shorter avenue with the panel, and then hitting.

A raised cover switch

The machine will be destroyed in the electric short-out, which caused one of the Cover Switches to be raised, and a trapdoor to open at the top of the entry area, which happens to be that green trapdoor in the middle of the Cover Switch room, so you can take an easy shortcut.

That Cover Switch will fill the third tank with water, but as the second tank is empty (and you use the second tank to get to the third) you must use the wall switch once more to fill the second tank, and then you can access the third.
The abandoned and waterlogged Cathedral room

A button in a small room on one edge of the third tank opens the final Cover Switch, but it also empties the third tank and opens a trapdoor at the bottom, the path to St Pauls. But as the tank is so steep, you wont be able to get to the bottom without it being re-filled with water, and that's what the Cover Switch button does. Getting back to the Cover Switch is pretty easy; a grating on the takes you to a duct on the other side of the tank, and from there you can re-enter the second tank, and then exit back to the Cover Switch room. Use the uncovered switch, beat back to the third tank, and finally you are done!

St Paul's Cathedral

The long underwater tunnel leads to an abandoned part of the cathedral. A ladder in one of the alcoves leads up to the surface. A small ledge on the metallic crane allows you to access a barb-wire ledge on the side of the cathedral complex. From there, you can jump up the slopes to reach the top of the cathedral. Two assassins appear when you arrive on the roof. The Cathedral Key can be found in a small alcove on the blocks upon the roof. The only way to get up there and onto a flat section is to use a movable box at the base of the central pillar. This key, as mentioned at the introduction stages of the article, is completely useless and only serves as a secret. It will disappear at the start of Aldwych.

To end the level, you need to pass through the gap in the railings to start a cutscene.

Assassin at the belltower

Lara’s running along the rooftops when she hears a subtle gunshot. She starts firing her pistols and running towards the attacker, a lone assassin at the St. Paul’s Cathedral’s belltower. The man retreats to the safety of the tower, and Lara follows. Using a corner as a cover, Lara successfully attacks the assassin. ”Ah!” he yells in pain, dropping his weapon on the floor. The cathedral’s bell swings ominously close to Lara and the assassin, ringing every once in a while.
The assassin tries to take his gun from the floor, Lara is about to stop him with a kick. However, Lara is knocked down by the man. But as the assassin thinks he is in charge of the situation now, he is wrong! Lara aims right to his chin with her pistol and begins to interrogate him:
”Who are you working for?” Lara asks.
”What?” the assassin replies.
”You heard me!” Lara says, demanding to know the answer.
”I didn’t – honest! What did you say?” the assassin shrieks with fear in his voice.
”I said who employs you.” Lara repeats, pulling the assassin out of the cathedral’s bell’s way. It’d be a shame if he got hit by it before getting the answer. The loud ring of the bell hurts the assassin s ears, as he is right next to the bell: “Aaah!” he screams. ”Miss Sophia Leigh!” the assassin then tells to Lara his employer. Lara throws him off to the edge of the rooftop, still aiming him with her pistols. Lara then asks for more information about this Miss Leigh: ”Who’s she? What does she do?”
”I don’t know! Really, I don’t! I just shoot people for her!” the assassin replies.
”Recommendable work ethic I guess”, Lara says and starts to walk away.
”Yeah, it puts me out to it. As me father did it and his father did it for” the assassin says.
Lara stops walking and turns to the man. ”And how old is this Miss Leigh?” she asks, leaning to the wall. ”I don’t know… Late twenties? Early thirties?” the assassin guesses, obviously he doesn’t quite manage to assure Lara that he’s serious.
”Right…” Lara says, briefly looking away from the man. He immediately takes advantage of the situation and grabs his weapon, saying: ”Yeah! For some people, like yourself, we get a special bonus!”
They’re both now standing up and aiming at each other. ”I’m flattered”, Lara says. ”I mean, I could even be retiring from you”, the assassin tells. He doesn’t notice that as he is moving, he is getting closer and closer to the huge, swinging bell. However, Lara notices this very well and when the time is right, she says: ”Then you might like to mind… The bell!” Yelling in shock, the assassin makes a desperate try to avoid the inevitable hit, he fails and is thrown far away by the bell.
”Happy retirement”, Lara comments and quickly hops through an opening below the bell.


Jumping through the opening below the bell of St. Paul’s Cathedral has lead Lara to Aldwych, an abandoned metro station. However, despite the station being abandoned, Lara is not alone there! The Damned live there, mysterious masked figures among rats and dogs.

Lair of The Damned

As Lara has ventured through the abandoned metro tunnels, she falls into the lair of The Damned. One of the Damned arrives to her and violently drags her to their leader.
”So… You must be after Miss Leigh, then?” the leader asks.
”Business, not pleasure”, Lara replies, patting her arm from which she was dragged.
”Though obviously not for revenge, man”, the leader comments and continues ”You’ve hardly got the face for that.”
Lara points at him asking “And you have?”
The Leader gets a bit tense and replies: “Hah! How ironic of a question is that, eh? I don’t even have a face, man!”
He continues to tell his story:
”I came down here looking for work, and what do I get, eh? Miss Leigh's cosmetics company and her lab assistant job. No experience necessary, good wage, accommodation with it.”
One of the Damned, who dragged Lara to the leader, leaves, leaving the two to discuss. The tale continues:
”Aye! Locked in a flotation tank for days on end in some fetid syrup. And when we come out, cause lots of it was applied, like – no face, or flesh, mon! And a booting down the waste disposal chute here. Presumed dead!”
”Some kind of failed experiment, then?” Lara says.
The leader answers:
“Aw! That very much! But I… am an utter insult. When I tried to take me own life… I found it just didn’t work.”
”You mean Sophia is testing some kind of immortality power? Along with her brand of facelift…” Lara says.
The leader stands up from his throne saying:
“Why aye, man. Everlasting beauty. She has obviously not fully figured it out yet. But she takes the best results for herself. See, I don’t care what your business with her is. You can’t be any more shiftless of what she is. So I am gonna go out of ye way to help you. That is, after you’ve done something for us here like.”
Lara replies straight away to this proposition:
“Very generous of you. What do you want?”
The leader then names the task:
”A bottle of that mummy preservation stuff, from the Natural History Museum.”
Lara knows the fancier term for the substance, and doesn’t mind pointing it out:
Embalming fluid.”
”Aye, for rotting flesh you can work it, man! The museum’s pretty interesting I’m told. You’ll like it”, the leader says and starts to leave.
”So why don’t you go yourself?” Lara asks.
”One of them Egyptian lassies there is a bit pissed off like, but, eh… She didn’t get immortality the way she wanted. And seeing as we’ve done better than her in that department, I didn’t care to imagine what curse we had get given any worse than what we’ve got already like. You’ll be fine though, pet – you die easily”, the leader answers on his way out.
”Thanks…” Lara replies to this odd compliment.

Lud’s Gate

Lara’s first quest is to find the Embalming Fluid from the Natural History Museum and bring it to its receptacle at the lair of The Damned. After that Lara continues her quest of finding Sophia Leigh, which involves the voluntary ride with a new underwater vehicle – the Hydro Propeller.

Meeting Sophia

Lara has found her way to Sophia Leigh, she is met in her fancy office. As she enters the office, she is greeted by Miss Leigh who sits on an armchair. ”Aah… Miss Croft. I take you’re ready to sign on”, Sophia says and offers a pen to Lara. ”To what?” Lara asks. “Well, my books. You see, with your lifestyle, you’d be the perfect campaign for my products. Just think, you wouldn’t be needing those unsightly weapons of anymore”, Sophia explains. Lara doesn’t like the sound of the deal: “No… But I probably have an unsightly face judging by your past experiments.” Miss Leigh is appalled of the accusation: ”My what?!“ Lara continues to tell about The Damned, who she has met: ”Oh yes, they’re all still alive. Very much so in fact. All I want is the artifact.” As she speaks, Lara comes closer to Leigh’s desk and tries to take the staff that’s on it. Leigh doesn’t want to give up her possession that easily. ”Hah hah hah hah! Right… In your next life!” Sophia says and quickly leaves the office. ”We’ll see…” Lara says, drawing her weapons.


The last level of the London section consists of battling against Miss Sophia Leigh, as she didn’t want to give the Eye of Isis to Lara voluntarily. However, the battle won’t be a conventional one. Miss Leigh cannot be killed by simply shooting at her, so gun firing will mainly be a waste of ammunition.

Killing Sophia doesn’t count as an “official” kill, since she is defeated indirectly.

The goal is to get up to an electrical panel, which must be then shot at to cause a walkway below being electrified. As will Sophia then be standing on it, she will be defeated. After this one should go and look for the single secret of this level and then pick up the artifact to end the section.

London Statistics

Level No (Considering all possibilities) London Level Number of Enemies (Maximum) Types of Enemies Number of Secrets Types of Traps and Obstacles Significant Finds
Either 05, 09, or 13 Thames Wharf 26 London Goons, Rats, Dogs 5 Collapsible Floor, Barbed Wire, Movable Block Flue Room Key
Either 06, 10, or 14 Aldwych 29 The Damned, Dogs, Rats 5 Underground Trains, Drill, Collapsing Floor, Spikes Maintenance Key, Old Penny, Solomon’s Key, Ticket, Masonic Mallet, Ornate Star
Either 07, 11, or 15 Lud’s Gate 19 Museum Guards, Crocodiles, Scuba divers 6 Collapsible Floor, Barbed Wire, Spike Ceiling Embalming Fluid
Either 08, 12, or 16 City - Sophia Leigh 1 Electrified walkway Eye of Isis

Area Selection - Next Location


ANTARCTICA loading.jpg
The Antarctica section concludes Lara's adventures. You can only come to this cold part of the world after completing all three of the non-linear section

South Pacific Islands

Among the scattered islands of French Polynesia is a cannibalistic tribe descended from the Antarctica Polynesians who fled. Their ruler, the Puna, owns one of the meteoric artifacts, and Lara must make her way through the tribe settlement, then a dinosaur infested crash site, followed by the gigantic Madubu Gorge, before descending into the Temple of Puna.

South Pacific Islands


Lara sets out to the southern parts of the Pacific Ocean to seek for the Ora Dagger – one of the Meteorite Artefacts that was brought there by one of the sailors of the HMS Beagle. At the South Pacific Islands, she is greeted by hostile tribesmen, Green Lizards, crocodiles, Harmless Soldiers and even dinosaurs. The tribesmen there are cannibals, and they appear to worship the Puna Boss, who has obtained the Ora Dagger and uses its powers to his own intentions.

Coastal Village Overview

The South Pacific Section begins with the level Coastal Village, which is, as the name indicates, a village on the coast of the island. There are numerous possible ways to complete the level, as the goal is to get into a treehouse at a big swamp.

The level has a total of four secrets hidden into the environment, but only three of them are needed to be found. The Coastal Village also has rather many traps – and even more enemies. The tribesmen encountered there don’t seem to like visitors that much, unless they get to cook them for a tasty meal…

Crash Site Overview

After managing to get to the treehouse in the Coastal Village level, we get to learn more about the events on this island. Apparently, a group of Australian soldiers has crashed there and some of the men have disappeared. As the title of the level indicates, the next location Lara will visit is the site of the plane crash.

With the help of the Swamp Map given to Lara by the soldier in the treehouse, she can safely cross the large swamp and proceed to the Crash Site. There she encounters dinosaurs and meets the other soldiers, who will help her battle against the compsognathus and velociraptors. However, there is a much bigger enemy waiting for Lara – the T-Rex, which she must face alone.

At the Crash Site, Lara must find two keys that belonged to the two now deceased soldiers of the crashed group. After finding the Commander Bishop's Key and the Lt. Tuckerman's Key, she must then activate the crashed plane’s gun turret. Activating it makes it possible to proceed to the Madubu Gorge.

Madubu Gorge Overview

The third level in the South Pacific Section is the Madubu Gorge: a level with three secrets to be found and crocodiles, Green Lizards and piranhas as enemies.

The level is set to the enormous area with powerful rapids dominating the view. The goal is to find the kayak and use it to move down the rapids all the way down and locate the level exit. This won’t be easy as the path both to the kayak and to the exit is very dangerous…

Temple of Puna Overview

The fourth and the last level in the South Pacific Section is the Temple of Puna. It’s a temple devoted to the Puna Boss, leader of the cannibalistic tribe.

The temple has many traps to make it more difficult for intruders like Lara to discover its secret – the Ora Dagger. There’s also one secret to be found in the level. In addition to traps and secrets, there are tribesmen in the temple, probably protecting their leader.

Lara must find her way to the Puna Boss and his chamber, fight against him and some Green Lizards he summons to help him and finally take the Ora Dagger.

Coastal Village

Lara begins her adventure underwater near the coast of the South Pacific island. After catching some air she can dive again to find the Smuggler’s Key located at the bottom of the lagoon. Not much time gets to pass after entering the Smuggler’s hut with the key, as the first enemies attack. Crocodiles and a Tribesman with poison-dart gun are ready to face Lara, and the hostile atmosphere of the island is revealed. Lara can choose many routes to travel in order to reach the treehouse near the swamp. She must collect three Serpent Stones to open a gate that leads to the village of the tribesmen. From there Lara can continue to search for a route to the treehouse. Entering it will launch a cutscene that ends the level.

In the treehouse

Lara goes inside the treehouse where she finds a severely injured man shaking off flies that buzz around him. The man is missing his right leg from below the knee, there are only bloody bandages covering the part where the leg has been cut off.
”Not interrupting am I?” Lara asks at the doorway of the treehouse.
”Not bleeding, are ya? Or about to use this place as a dunny?” the man asks, and judging by his accent he’s Australian.
”No and… no”, Lara replies.
”Good… Good… Just don’t want any fly-carrying visitors in here”, the man says pointing his injured leg.
”Right, I understand. What happened?” Lara asks.
The man tells the events that led to his unfortunate state: “Woke up in the jungle with one of those little blokes snacking on my leg, didn’t I?”
”A tribesman?” Lara asks, sounding a bit surprised. She continues: “It isn’t usual for them to eat right off the bone like that.”
”Well, it was dark and I never got the bugger so I can’t be sure”, the man comments on Lara’s doubts.
He continues to tell more about what has happened: ”Something spooky is in that jungle. Our air-carrier crashed down on the mountains. Every night some of my men would vanish without a trace. Others fled in fear… Then this happened. I brought the men to shore for safety, only for us all to be capture by this greedy mob. Some sort of a sacrifice for their god who lives up on the hills. But it seems I’ve not been invited to the barby.
As he finished his sentence, he smashes a fly. Some drumming and grunting can be heard, probably the tribesmen are having a sacrificial feast.
Lara’s looking out from the treehouse, and makes a guess: ”Maybe you’re the dessert? Right flesh can be a bit of a delicacy around here.”
”For real?” the man asks.
The drumming gets louder and the rhythm quicker. The tribesmen must be getting closer to the treehouse!
Lara turns to the man, obviously not going to let the two of them to end up as meals for the tribesmen.
”Listen, we’d better get you out of here! Do you know how the tribe crossed the swamp down there? Which stones they tried on?” she asks, making her plan rather clear to all.
“Yeah, but uh… I’m staying put. With this wound I’d be like a fill-out station to every disease, bagging the bush. I’d rather be the main course of the real feast… Aye, if you see any of my men alive out there, trek ‘em to the north shore will ‘ya – away from here…” the man says, giving the Swamp Map to Lara and laying down onto his bed.
”Of course”, Lara promises.

Crash Site

First thing to do on the way to the Crash Site, is to cross the large swamp. With the help of the Swamp Map given to Lara by the Australian soldier, this will be no problem. As she reaches the Crash Site, Lara indeed meets some of the soldier’s men. They’ll help Lara to deal with the dinosaurs as long as Lara won’t shoot at them.

The main objective is to find two keys, the Commander Bishop's Key and the Lt. Tuckerman's Key, which must be used to activate the crashed plane’s gun turret. As the names of the keys indicate, they belonged to two of the soldiers. Activating the gun turret makes it possible to proceed to the Madubu Gorge by blasting off some wall to create a level exit.

As Lara jumps to the newly made alcove, a cutscene launches, ending the level.

Tribesman encounter

Lara enters some temple. Sound of the boots echoes in the interior of the temple as she walks to the back wall. On the wall there’s a round stone carving that depicts the events that have happened on the island. In the center of the carving there’s the meteorite, which is surrounded by images depicting the Ora Dagger, boats, tribesmen and their ruler.
Lara examines this carving more closely, but she is interrupted by a sudden appearance of a lone, loud tribesman.
”Hum-hada-hum-hada-hrrrrah-ho!” the tribesman yells, making Lara quickly turn facing him. He continues to talk:
”'Tis well fa you. Me fasting dis day. You make plenty good flesh-pot.”
”You forget, I might be quite hungry myself… Famished actually”, Lara says, scaring the tribesman.
”Eugh!” he yells in fear, hopping a bit away from Lara.
”Why did your ancestors flee Antarctica so suddenly?” Lara asks, referring to the stone carving on the fall.
The tribesman tells the story depicted in the stone carving:
”Ah… Kuma, kuma… Baad place. Plenty flesh. But for a price of evil! Mutilation! The six leader, Ma’uki, were born out of this. Terrible summons. Men afraid! Run! Set curse on Ma’uki on the land. No one good enough!”
”But you still worship it?” Lara asks.
”White fella later come here. With magic kuma-kuma stone… In a day, we celebrate the death of he – the feast of smile!” the tribesman answers, revealing the fate of one of the sailors of the HMS Beagle.
"One of Darwin’s sailors… Poor fool…” Lara says, realizing who this “white fella” actually was.
The tribesman starts to hum on the ground some tribal chant.
”Where’s the stone now?” Lara asks, but doesn’t get an answer. She’s about to leave, but the tribesman has something to say:
”Mmm… He lucky fella that kill you. A plenty men like you.”
”I’ll be sure to point that out to him”, Lara says and leaves the tribesman to chant by himself.

Madubu Gorge

The events of the level center on Lara trying to find her way along the huge rapids. The solution is the kayak that is hidden in a special room. But before using it, it must first be found.

Majority of the level involves paddling with the kayak down the rapids, then backtracking by foot along slippery rocks, finding some mechanisms that help Lara to proceed all the way to the level exit.

To make things more difficult, the rapids are accompanied with traps and enemies: crocodiles and Green Lizards.

Temple of Puna

At last Lara has entered the Temple of Puna, and the final showdown is yet ahead. This trap-filled temple is apparently the residence of the Puna Boss, the leader of the tribesmen who has the Ora Dagger.

To retrieve the artifact, Lara must first defeat some tribesmen and get through many traps to reach the throne room, where the Puna Boss is waiting.

As the Puna Boss has found a way to use the Ora Dagger’s powers, he is able to create a protective forcefield to shield himself from bullets. He is also able to summon Green Lizards to aid him in battle against Lara.

However, Lara gets what she has been looking for after eventually defeating the Puna Boss. She picks up the Ora Dagger, and knows exactly where to go next.

South Pacific Statistics

Level No (Considering all possibilities) South Pacific Level Number of Enemies (Maximum) Types of Enemies Number of Secrets Types of Traps and Obstacles Significant Finds
Either 05, 09, or 13 Coastal Village 23 Crocodiles, Tribesman with poison-dart gun, Tribesman with Spiked Axe 4 Spikes, Fire emitters, Poison dart shooters Smuggler's Key, Serpent Stones
Either 06, 10, or 14 Crash Site 56 (approx.) Velociraptors, Compsognathus, T-Rex, Harmless Soldiers, Piranhas 3 Spikes Swamp Map
Either 07, 11, or 15 Madubu Gorge 16 Crocodiles, Green Lizards 3 Spikes, Fire Emitters, Falling Rocks, Tripwires
Either 08, 12, or 16 Temple of Puna 9 Tribesman with poison-dart gun, Green Lizards, Puna Boss 1 Spike Ceiling, Rolling Boulders Ora Dagger

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ANTARCTICA loading.jpg
The Antarctica section concludes Lara's adventures. You can only come to this cold part of the world after completing all three of the non-linear section



After collecting all four of the Meteorite Artefacts Lara travels to Antarctica . Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth, and it’s the place where the entire story began. It’s also the place where the story comes to its end upon uniting the four artefacts…

Antarctica Overview

Upon arriving to the cold Antarctica, Lara discovers the dangers of the nature as the helicopter she arrived on plummets to the depths of the ice cold water. Lara is able to escape the cold death, her pilot being not so lucky. She must now find her way to Mark Willard at the RX Technologies base. To get there, she mounts the RX Explorer, and lowers a yellow Inflatable Boat to aid her maneuver on the icy water. There are many dangers ahead in addition to the cold water: apparently the crewmen of the RX Explorer and their dogs don’t like visitors…

Lara also discovers something very unsettling inside one partially demolished house at the RX Tech base: a nearly dying Crawling Mutant Scientists!

RX-Tech Mines Overview

As the true intentions of Dr. Willard are revealed to Lara, she is forced to chase Willard through the mines of the research company. Riding with mine carts Lara travels through the maze-like mines, confronting horrible crawling mutants and big mutants.

Lost City of Tinnos Overview

Buried deep to the ice and snow of the Antarctica lays the Lost City of Tinnos, the remnants of the ancient civilization that lived there. Deep within the structures of the city there are many dangers ahead: traps, huge Tinnos Monsters and Dragonflies that are almost the size of a man.

Lara must collect four Oceanic Masks that are hidden in the level. They must be placed onto their receptacles and together with the second Uli Key they’ll turn off a mysterious pillar of light, revealing an opening below.

Meteorite Cavern Overview

The final level of both the game and the Antarctica Section is set into the Meteorite Cavern, the room where the Meteorite Artefacts must be placed to unleash their powers. Mark Willard is way ahead on this task and he turns himself to the enormous, horrible Willard Mutant.

The main objective of the level is to defeat the main boss and then exit the RX Tech compound once and for all, leaving all the horrors behind.


The adventures at the Antarctica are preceeded with an FMV that shows Lara’s arrival to the cold continent.

Beginning FMV

Lara’s travelling by a helicopter, the views of the cold Antarctica just fly by, showing the rough nature. Apparently the weather doesn’t seem like the most ideal one for helicopter trips. The pilot tries to contact the base of the RX Technologies:
”This is Blemwetch to base. Come in base! Come in base! Dead ear, man…”
Lara keeps looking outside from the open side of the helicopter. The pilot continues to talk:
"Gotta get down. This is too much!"
Rough storm wind catches the aircraft as it attempts to land, shaking it to every direction. Lara has a hard time trying to keep on aboard the helicopter as it shakes.
”Hold on back there!” the pilot shouts, trying to do the best he can to land them safely.
The helicopter is shown flying in the air, taken by the wind and hitting some snowy cliffs a bit. Despite the rough fly, it manages to land.
“Aaaargh!” the pilot yells as they land uncontrollably. With sheer astonishment in his voice he continues:
“Wooh! Ah hah… That was scary.” the pilot comments their landing.
Lara battles with fallen luggage that has trapped her, kicking herself free. Suddenly the ice underneath the helicopter starts to break away. The pilot yells in fear, as he has no way to safe himself. Lara however manages to jump just in time out from the helicopter. We see the aircraft quickly plummeting to the depths of the ice cold water, hearing the death scream of the pilot.

After the demise of the pilot, Lara is alone at the Antarctica. Well, alone until she hops on to the RX Explorer where she finds hostile crewmen. Apparently not everyone at the RX Tech are thrilled to see Lara delivering important artefacts to Mark Willard… On the RX Explorer Lara enables a new vehicle for her to use: an Inflatable Boat that will help her cross the ice cold water.

This sturdy, yellow boat enables Lara to reach the base of the RX Tech, where more angry men wait with their dogs. But something much more alarming is found at one of the houses in the base area. A nearly dead Crawling Mutant Scientist! In the end cutscene of the level, Lara confronts Mark Willard about this creature.

Confronting Mark Willard

Lara enters a room where she finds the happy Dr. Willard enjoying some food that appears to be a tomato soup and a piece of bread.
”Oh aye, come in!” Willard greets Lara in a happy tone and continues:
”Make yourself at home. It won’t be a minute.”
”At home?” Lara asks, she can’t believe her ears.
”I’ve just met a man, who may as well as been Brundlefly”, she continues, approaching Mr. Willard with the briefcase containing the Meteorite Artefacts.
Willard doesn’t seem to be surprised about Lara’s encounter as he comments:
”Fascinating, isn’t it?”
Lara is appalled.
”He was your own employee!” she says as she loudly drops the briefcase to the table where Willard is eating.
Willard has an explanation ready, and he also starts to reveal his true plans:
”He was a molecular biologist. He’d been intrigued with himself! Thanks to this material, his hock genes were multiplied. Do that, and the complexities of our bodies increase beyond our comprehension! But this is just a fringe of its possibilities we’re seeing here. My powers' exposure came from the material impregnated into the meteorite crater. The real capacity is lying in its core, which these artefacts you’re so attached to will let me access to!”
”But you’ve no control over this!” Lara says.
”This is just not about evently spawning mutants!” Willard says, getting a bit frustrated. He continues:
”It’s an entirely natural acceleration of the evolution. A real-life laboratory of Spardon life!”
”Not everyone here wants to be guinea pigs! Multi-appended or not!” Lara says, objecting Willard’s evil plan.
”That’s unfortunate. It’s been hidden, miss, for too long. Now the time is spot on – I can’t leave it! The Polynesians fled in their ignorance, Darwin’s half-wits sealed us the same, ironically making Darwin himself miss this angle in the evolution. But now, I’m here! I have the access, the knowledge, the artefacts…” Willard tells ominously.
Lara has drawn her weapons, not going to let Willard have the artefacts without a fight.
”Yes, but you bumped into me in India and sent me to find them for you, bringing me here to listen to this gibberish. Your perception of good timing is… Bad!” Lara says, being ready to pull the trigger.
”I don’t know about that!” Willard says, knocking the table over which causes Lara to fall onto the floor.

Willard takes the briefcase with the artefacts, runs to the coatrack at the doorway. While running, he kicks Lara quite hard, giving himself more time to run. Lara recovers from the attack, and sets outside after Willard. Taking cover in the doorway, she peeks around the corner. Willard, now dressed in a warm jacket, shoots at her but the shots miss.

Willard keeps running off with the artefacts, Lara is following him. Willard uses a remote control to call an elevator up, and he takes a few slippery steps before reaching the lift. Lara fires at him on the way, but misses. Willard throws himself flat onto the floor of the elevator as it takes him down to the depths of the RX-Tech Mines. Lara won’t miss the ride as she jumps to the shaft, landing to the lift’s roof.

RX-Tech Mines

Lara has no choice but to stop Willard from carrying on his evil plan. She ventures through the complex setting of the RX-Tech Mines, battling Mutant Scientists on the way. Lara travels some parts of the mines by riding a mine cart.

There’s an excavation site deep within the mines, and from there Lara continues her way to the Lost City of Tinnos.

Lost City of Tinnos

The Lost City of Tinnos is a site that proves the existence of the Polynesian tribe at the Antarctica many years ago. The level is set to the remnants of the ancient civilization, consisting of rather well-preserved ruins.

Lara must find two Uli Keys and four Oceanic Masks to complete the level. The task isn’t simple, since one can easily lose track of his or her movements in the vast ruined city, making it hard to locate the place one should go. Not to mention the Tinnos Monsters and Dragonflies lurking around…

After Lara has found all necessary items, and placed the masks to their receptacles, an opening is revealed. This is the level exit, hidden beneath a pillar of light, leading to the Meteorite Cavern.

Hopping to the opening launches a cutscene.

Mutating Dr. Willard

We see a flyby of the room with the meteorite crater. Lara is running along a hallway, rushing to stop Willard. Mark Willard is placing the Ora Dagger to its receptacle on the wall. As all of the artefacts are on their places, a weird noise starts and the chamber shakes. Voices start to echo, a men’s voices say: ”Something spooky is in that chamber”
”Magic and all, huh?”
Also a woman’s voice is heard, but it’s hard to tell what she says. As the Australian soldier’s voice is heard saying ”Some sort of sacrifice to their god who lives up in the hill”, it’s easy to realize that the echoes are quotes from what has been said along Lara’s adventure.
Willard’s manic laughter accompanies the quotes: ”Just keep going, were on its trail!”, ”This is too much!”, ”Locked up in a flotation tank for days…” and ”Not interrupting, am I?” the last being said in Lara’s voice.
Bright light emits from the meteorite, than has risen from the crater. Willard throws himself calmly to the crater. Lara gasps and covers her mouth in shock, running near the edge of the crater.
”Fascinating, isn’t it?” echoes in the room.
Lara is about to leave as she sees no trace of Willard.
”It’s an entirely natural acceleration of the evolution”, echoes in a twisted voice.
Gigantic, spider-like mutant with Willard’s head has appeared in the room. It growls menacingly, ready to attack.

Meteorite Cavern

Lara must defeat this horrid creature, the Willard Mutant, to set things right. It can’t be defeated simply by just shooting at it, since it has harnessed the powers of the Meteorite Artefacts. Just one successful hit of those energy bolts, and Lara’s doomed. The mutant must be stunned by staying within the white circle and shooting at it with some weapon that’s more powerful than the usual pistols. When the creature is stunned, Lara must quickly sprint to each four artifact and remove them from their receptacles. This causes the meteorite to descend back to its carter, making Willard more vulnerable to bullets. Defeating him causes the mutant to explode. Now Lara can exit the Meteorite Cavern only to find a few hostile Flamethrower Guys waiting for her. As she proceeds further, she reaches an area where a helicopter lands. When she approaches it, a gate opens, ending the level.


It’s nighttime in the Antarctica base and Lara climbs inside a helicopter. She’s greeted by a smiling pilot. Lara smiles back and then shoots him. She takes the helicopter and rises high with it. A gun turret is aiming at her helicopter, but before it launches any missiles, Lara takes care of it with her aircraft’s weapons.

Another turret aims at the helicopter, launching a missile towards it. Lara narrowly avoids the hit, leading the missile to explode to a snowy hill.

A helicopter appears behind Lara’s, shooting at the tail. Lara tricks it to a dead end, hiding in the air above it. She surprises her chasers, shooting them, causing the foe’s helicopter to explode.

Lara takes off with her helicopter, leaving Antarctica for good.

Antarctica Statistics

Level No Antarctica Level Number of Enemies (Maximum) Types of Enemies Number of Secrets Types of Traps and Obstacles Significant Finds
17 Antarctica 30 RX Crewmen, Dogs, Crawling Mutant Scientist 3 Icy water Crowbar, Gate Control Key, Hut Key
18 RX-Tech Mines 17 Crawling Mutant Scientists, Standing Mutant Scientists 3 Deep pits, Drills Crowbar, Lead Acid Battery, Winch Starter
19 Lost City of Tinnos 90 (approx.) Tinnos Monsters, Dragonflies 3 Deep Pits, Quicksand, Lava, Swinging Burners, Falling Rocks, Blades, Spikes Oceanic Masks, Uli Keys
'20 Meteorite Cavern 7 Willard Mutant, Flamethrower Guys - Lava Meteorite Artefacts


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