RX-Tech Mines

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RX-Tech Mines
Tomb Raider III
Section Antarctica/2
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 45 minutes
  • First Time: 60 minutes
Secrets 3
Location Antarctica
Level Chronology:
Antarctica RX-Tech Mines Lost City of Tinnos

RX-Tech Mines is the second level in the Antarctica, in Tomb Raider III . This is the only level that has the Mine Cart in it.

The level seems to draw inspiration from the famous horror sci-fi movie The Thing.


After finding her employer in Antarctica and learning his malevolent plan involving the meteorite artefacts, Lara follows Willard down an elevator shaft. She emerges inside the RX-Tech mines, very close to the area where the meteor had fallen at the beginning of the game.

The meteor's energies have transformed the mine workers into hideous mutants. RX-Tech sent in troopers with flamethrowers to contain the threat, who will often assist Lara in her fight against the abominations.

Eventually, Lara will reach the deepest parts of the mine, where ancient statues and city walls had been uncovered. There she will find the entrance into the ancient city of Tinnos.