Lost City of Tinnos

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Lost City of Tinnos
Tomb Raider III
Section Antarctica/3
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 100-130 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Antarctica
Level Chronology:
RX-Tech Mines Lost City of Tinnos Meteorite Cavern

Lost City of Tinnos is a level in Tomb Raider III. It's the last level before the big showdown with Willard. Lara encounters Dragonflies and Giant Mutants. In the level Lara will also find a famous riddle, the Food Chain Riddle. It has 3 secrets.

After the start, Lara has to find a way around a collapsed bridge (the gap is too large to jump over).

A major part of the level consists of 4 elemental ordeals, with an Oceanic Mask at the end of each one. The test of Earth starts as a deep swamp that Lara has to wade through, while defending against Dragonflies attacking from above, and the second part of the ordeal involves deep pits and falling rocks. The test of Air puzzle starts as a labyrinth and ends with twin sloped walkways, where Lara has to perform several well-timed jumps (in the Air) to avoid rolling spiked boulders. The Water test includes swimming underwater (with occasional breathing holes) and swimming through spinning blades. The Fire ordeal has several traps, which can set Lara on fire (with no water anywhere nearby to extinguish them).

Apart from the 4 Oceanic Masks, Lara also needs to find a key in another part of the level.

With the Masks and key found, the path to the Meteorite Cavern is revealed.



  • 2 Uli Keys
  • 4 Oceanic Masks (Mask of Water, Fire, Earth and Air - symbols of a prehistoric form of elemental worship)