Inflatable Boat

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Inflatable Boat (TR3)

The inflatable boat is a vehicle in Tomb Raider III. It can be found in the Antarctica.

Lara will need it to get through the Icy Water which would otherwise freeze her to death. She can jump ashore from within the boat. From the boat you can also reach from the water inaccessible areas like the second Secret in this level.


Getting In: Action
stand on the left or right side
Driving Ahead: Action
Steering: left/right
Driving Backwards: Jump
Getting Out: Roll and left/right


Inflatable Boat

The Inflatable Boat is yellow with black and red markings and has a grey Outboard motor on which the number 2001 (back) and the name Croft (side) can be found in mint green colour. On the front of the boat the number 993 is printed twice in black letters.