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Country United States
Games The Golden Mask

Tomb Raider III

Nevada, the 36th state of the USA, bordering California, Utah, Arizona, Oregon and Idaho. It is also one of the locations Lara visits during her travels in The Golden Mask and Tomb Raider III.

The state is famous for locations such as the city of Las Vegas, the Air Force Flight Test Center (Detachment 3)--also known as Area 51--, the Mojave Desert and legalized brothels in some counties.

The Golden Mask

In The Golden Mask Lara travels to Las Vegas to a hotel.


Tomb Raider III

Main article: Nevada Section

In Tomb Raider III Nevada is one of the three locations the player can choose after completing India.

Lara comes there when searching for one of the four Meteorite Artefacts. She starts her search in the Nevada Desert and from there makes her way (as a prisoner) into the High Security Compound and later into Area 51. These two location-types (desert and military base) are completely different from one another. The first level plays mainly outdoors and it's very bright, but the second and third level are inside compounds, it's very dark and unfriendly. After the first level Lara is captured and locked in a prison cell from where she has to escape. With the help of some fellow prisoners she has to stay alive in a compound filled with guards, without her weapons. After regaining the weapons she has to find a truck heading for Area 51 and hide aboard. In Area 51 she then has to find a way to enter the hangar and get into the UFO parked inside to obtain the meteorite artefact Element 115.

In the desert she has to fight rattlesnakes and vultures. There are also some workers to overcome. In the high security compound and in Area51 Lara has to fight the Military Police and dogs. The traps she has to overcome are barbed wire, fire emitters, machine gun turrets, lasers, there is also a lot of climbing to do and some diving. Mainly she has to find triggers to be able to continue. Some parts are timed and she has to hurry. The most difficult part will be staying alive without guns.

In this part of Tomb Raider III Lara wears a new outfit, the Nevada Outfit.