Element 115

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Element 115

Meteorite Artefact

Found 1998
North America
Game(s) Tomb Raider III
Level Found Area 51

The Element 115 is one of the crystalline Meteorite Artefacts in Tomb Raider III.

It is sometimes confused with the Ora Dagger as both have been mixed up in some of the game versions.



The Element 115 was fashioned from a meteorite by Polynesians after it impacted in Antarctica many years ago.


Taken from Antarctica by one of the sailors from the HMS Beagle to North America, it somehow was obtained by the U.S. Government, and it resided in Area 51 before Lara stole it. As nobody ever used it against Lara, its powers remain a mystery.


A crystalline piece of a meteorite of turquoise colour.


The individual power of Element 115 is unknown. It is very likely that the artefact keeps the UFO in Area 51 active and therefore is a source of raw energy.

Considering the elementalist beliefs of its creators, Element 115 should probably symbolize the power of Water.

When combined with the other crystal artefacts at the Meteorite Cavern, it will rapidly speed up the evolution of the bearer.

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The actual chemical element with the atomic number 115 is an artificial element first created by Russian and American scientists in Dubna, Russia in 2003. It was named Moscovium (chemical symbol MC) in 2004. It is highly radioactive with its most stable isotope 209MC having a half life of just 0.8 seconds.[1] There never have been enough atoms of this element synthesized to create a crystal out of it and doing so would probably be unwise because of its high radioactivity.


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