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Remark: This article describes the animal enemies Rattlesnakes in Tomb Raider III. For information about the Weapon in Rise of the Tomb Raider, see Rattlesnake.


Tomb Raider III

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Animals, Reptiles
Distinctiveness Immobile enemies, can be located by the rattling noise
Weapons Poisonous teeth
Weakness Immobility

The Rattlesnakes are enemies in Tomb Raider III. While they might not really look like rattlesnakes, missing the rattle, they definitely sound like rattlesnakes.



The Rattlesnakes do not move, but are mainly hidden behind bushes, so you have to be careful where you are going. They are poisonous.

Similar Enemies

Another poisonous snake found in Tomb Raider III, during the India Section
Poisonous enemies that occur in The Last Revelation
Giant and poisonous scorpions, occur in The Last Revelation


Further Information

Rattlesnakes are a group of venomous snakes, genera Cotalus and Sisturus, that comprise over fifty species. They belong to a group of snakes known as pit vipers, snakes with 'pits' located on their heads that allow them to detect variations in heat.

The rattlesnake gets it's name from the distinctive collection of nested, hollow scales at the end of their tails, which rattle when the animal is agitated. Rattlesnakes are highly venomous and have been known to kill humans. They are farmed and hunted for their skin and meat, used for clothing and food respectively. Rattlesnakes are located across the United States and also occur in Canada and Central and South America. [1]


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