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Tomb Raider III

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Human
Weapons Power of the Infada Stone

Tony is a character, who turns into an enemy in Tomb Raider III.


Fair hair, green coloured clothes fit for an expedition.



Lara meets Tony at the camp site near the Temple Ruins in India. Tony seems mentally unstable and talks to himself. He tells Lara that he and two others, Randy and Rory, were looking for the Infada Stone. However, he says that he's leaving and that Lara should too or else she might die.

At the end of the level Temple Ruins Lara sees him fleeing on a raft, but after attempting to shoot him, Tony uses the power of the Infada Stone (which he has plunged into his chest) to collapse the temple's entrance. Lara escapes unscathed, but Tony gets away, heading down the River Ganges.

During the level Caves of Kaliya Lara encounters Tony yet again and she tries to take the Infada Stone from him. But Tony makes use of the stone's powers and attacks Lara by throwing fire.


Tony has gotten the Infada Stone to himself, and he uses its powers to harm Lara in the form of fireballs.


The room where the fight takes place consists of pools of deadly, reddish liquid and some platforms. Tony is located on a platform in the middle of the room. The strategy is to keep moving, jumping along the platforms, avoiding getting hit by the fireballs and falling off the platforms. While doing this, Lara must keep shooting at Tony, who eventually after taking enough damage falls dead onto the platform. It's no good on trying to pick up the items located on the platforms while trying to fight!


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