Puna Boss

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Puna Boss

Tomb Raider III

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Weapons Ora Dagger

The Puna Boss is an enemy who appears in the level Temple of Puna, in Tomb Raider III (South Pacific Section). He has somehow gained the Ora Dagger, and has become the ruler of the cannibalistic tribe that live on the remote island in the South Pacific. The tribe fear him since he is very powerful.


The Puna Boss is encountered in a single level in the South Pacific Section.


The best way to defeat him is to side flip while shooting with the Desert Eagle or the Uzis. You can basically use all weapons, but those are the most effective. It can only be hurt while using its lightning attack or summoning a lizard, otherwise he is protected by a force field. If the lightning hits you it causes instant death. Every four shots he summons a lizard.


He can muster lightening using Ora Dagger. If struck by it, the recipient will suffer instant death. He may also summon lizard beasts to aid him. To defend himself, he can produce a energy barrier around his throne upon which he sits on. However the barrier will not hold when he musters lightening, making himself vulnerable to gunfire.

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