Temple of Puna

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Temple of Puna
Tomb Raider III
Section South Pacific Section
Level No South Pacific/4
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 15 minutes

Secrets 1
Location South Pacific
Level Chronology:
Madubu Gorge Temple of Puna [[Nevada Desert / Thames Wharf / Antarctica]]

Temple of Puna is the final level of the South Pacific Section of Tomb Raider III. Lara fights the Puna Boss in this level. It has 1 secret.

The level is somewhat short, but has many traps such as rolling blades and boulders. The Puna boss can be easily defeated even with Lara's pistols. Make sure you keep jumping from left to right while shooting at him and eventually, the boss will die. The only dangers are the lizard creatures the boss summons from time to time and the long drop (the arena is set above a large pitfall).