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Raptor tra.jpg
Enemy Type Regular enemy
Classification Dinosaur
Weapons Claws, teeth

The Velociraptor is an enemy you will meet in Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider III and is also in Tomb Raider Anniversary.


A red dinosaur, moves fast on two legs. Yellow eyes, sharp teeth and claws.



First encountered in the original Tomb Raider in the Lost Valley and Tomb of Qualopec, where in the former the Velociraptors always attack in pairs. They're fast movers and powerful attackers, so it's best to try to find a safe spot from where to shoot them.

In Tomb Raider III, the Velociraptors return in Crash Site, retaining their behaviour from Tomb Raider (attacking in pairs), however, they also attack the Soldiers in the area as well as Lara. The Soldiers help Lara to defeat the Velociraptors, so do not shoot the men. Instead, aim carefully at the Velociraptors while shooting unless you want to leave them to the soldiers.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary, the Velociraptors attack in groups of three, and are capable of a charged rage attack. They make rather a lot of damage, especially if they manage to attack Lara with the rage attack. Try to make evasive rolls and jumps while shooting, performing Adrenaline Dodges and Headshots.


Further Information

Velociraptor is a bipedal dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur first discovered in Mongolia and China in the early 20th century by Henry Fairfield Osborn, the Velociraptor was somewhat obscure until the movie Jurassic Park. Since then, the Velociraptor and dinosaurs like it have been staples in numerous video games, movies and books.

In Latin, Velociraptor means "Speedy Thief". This is an indication of the speed of the Velociraptor, which can quickly outrun Lara, making fleeing from them extremely difficult. The red beasts also hunt in pairs and are highly agile, attacking Lara with their razor-sharp teeth and their iconic "Killer Claws".

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