Crash Site

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Crash Site
Tomb Raider III
Section South Pacific/2
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 60 minutes

Secrets 3
Location South Pacific
Level Chronology:
Coastal Village Crash Site Madubu Gorge

Crash Site is the second level of the South Pacific part in Tomb Raider 3, Lara finds a military plane wrecked in a dense jungle area, populated by Dinosaurs (she will be confronted with species such as Velociraptors, T-Rex and Compsognathus). She will also encounter harmless soldiers.

The goal of the level is to find a way to the Madubu Gorge. Lara will need to demolish a section of the old ruins with the airplane's rear cannon, which can only be activated after the commanders' keys have been inserted at the cockpit. The bodies of the commanders are somewhere nearby - one in a ruined building infested with Velociraptors, and the other - in a T-Rex nest.