Coastal Village

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Coastal Village
Tomb Raider III
Section South Pacific/1
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 60 minutes

Secrets 4 (3 needed)
Location South Pacific
Level Chronology:
[[Caves of Kaliya / Area 51 / City]] Coastal Village Crash Site

Coastal Village is the first level in the South Pacific part of Tomb Raider III.

There are natives here that will attack Lara with spear and poisonous blowdarts.

The first half of the level is occupied by a dense forest and a large waterfall, while the second is the actual village.


Guided by Dr. Willard's advice, Lara goes to the South Pacific in search of another artefact.


Lara must make her way through a village located near the coast, where the waters are full of reptiles and other dangerous animals. Lara must be careful since the inhabitants are unfriendly towards strangers.


Traps and Obstacles



The level has 4 secrets of which only 3 are needed. The number of secrets you encounter depends on the path you will take. There are two major roads with shortcuts - through the smuggler's hut (requires the Smuggler's Key) or through the swamp (you must slide down a chute and head to the village using the three Serpent Stones). To pick up all the items and all 4 secrets follow the path through the Smuggler's Hut and find a way down into the swamp area instead of going straight into the village.