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The Headshot (also Adrenaline Headshot[1]) was introduced in Tomb Raider Anniversary and reappeared in a different version in Tomb Raider Underworld.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

In Tomb Raider Anniversary a headshot follows a successful Adrenaline Dodge. The move is useful against bigger opponents like bears and can also be used against medium-size opponents like Wolves, Lions and Panthers. Small enemies like bats can't be killed by a headshot, as for one they can't take enough hits to get enraged. Bosses like the T-Rex, the Centaurs, the Legless Mutant and Natla have to be or at least should by killed by a headshot move.

To perform a headshot, start off by doing the Adrenaline Dodge. The first step is to enrage an opponent by shooting it. The opponent will roar and charge at Lara. The player then has to wait for the perfect moment, when the screen gets blurry, to evade by steering in a certain direction (using the directional buttons, or the analog sticks) while hitting the roll button. It is very important to use roll, not jump. In order to perform a headshot the player should also make sure that the enemy is targeted (e.g. by holding the lock button) the whole time. To then perform the actual headshot the player has to wait for a red cross-hair to appear. If Lara gets hit by the charging enemy or if she no longer targets it, the chance to perform a headshot is gone.

The headshot is introduced by on screen directions at the beginning of the second level Peru - City of Vilcabamba.

Controls Overview

  • Shoot enemy till its enraged.
  • Enemy charges.
  • Keep enemy locked on.
  • Evade enemy by pressing the roll button and a direction.
  • Fire a single shot when cross-hair appears.

Tomb Raider Underworld

The Headshot in Tomb Raider Underworld works differently. To perform a headshot, the adrenaline bar - the second figure displayed - has to be full. The player than has to hold the Lock Button to keep an opponent locked on to. He then has to approach the opponent and press the button for the grapple. Lara will then jump onto the opponents head, similar to the Aerial Attack in Tomb Raider Legend. A red and a whitish cross-hair appear. The red cross-hair has to be moved onto the white cross-hair with the camera controls. Once they are aligned, before the time is up, Lara can shoot the opponent and kill it.

Controls Overview

  • Fill up adrenaline bar by shooting enemies. Don't get hit or adrenaline bar empties.
  • Lock on to enemy.
  • Approach and use grapple.
  • Align the red cross-hair with the white one before the time runs out.



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