Cat Mummies

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Cat Mummy
Enemy Type regular
Classification Mummy
Weapons claws

The Cat Mummy (also Panther Mummy) is an Opponent in the original Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Anniversary, found in the Egypt Levels.

Tomb Raider

It is a mummified version of the Crawling Atlantean. The Cat Mummy is powerful and fast, however, after it is killed, it explodes, sending its limbs in all directions. They are also in the Return to Egypt levels in Unfinished Business. The only attacks they have are to leap at Lara and to scratch her.

Tomb Raider Anniversary

As in Tomb Raider, the Cat Mummy is a mummified version of the Crawling Atlantean, and it retains its speed and power, however, it now throws fireballs as well, and these mummies attack in groups.

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