Temple of the Cat

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Temple of the Cat
Unfinished Business
Section Egypt
Level No 2
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 80 minutes

Secrets 4
Location Egypt
Level Chronology:
Return to Egypt Temple of the Cat Atlantean Stronghold

Temple of the Cat is the second level of Unfinished Business and the last in Egypt.


The level begins outside the actual temple, requiring two keys to open its entrance.

Inside, the temple offers a series of puzzles, including timed doors, climbing, swimming, and looking for keys. There are numerous dangerous encounters with mummies. In some areas of the temple Lara must not touch the floor, as it is deadly hot - these places are easy to recognize by their unusual brightness.

An interesting feature is an animated frieze in one room, with moving cat figures along the wall. Real panthers appear as Lara collects keys located around the room.

The final part of the level takes place in a room occupied by a colossal golden cat statue. Lara has to climb the surrounding structures and eventually get on top of the cat's head.

The level's exit leads out into the open desert, where a last cat figure sits lonely on a pillar.