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Remark: This article describes the Antarctica Section in Tomb Raider III. For information about the location , see Antarctica (Location) , for information on the level, see Antarctica, for information on the outfit in Tomb Raider III, see Antarctica Outfit and for the outfit in the PSP version of Tomb Raider Anniversary, see Antarctica Outfit (Anniversary).

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The Antarctica Section is the last of the five sections of Tomb Raider III. It can be visited after completing all of the other sections: India Section (the first one), Nevada Section, London Section and South Pacific Section.

The section is set on Antarctica, and it consists of four levels.


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After finding all four of the Meteorite Artefacts: the Infada Stone, the Element 115, the Eye of Isis and the Ora Dagger, Lara travels to Antarctica. When all four of the Meteorite Artefacts are placed on their receptacles in the Meteorite Cavern, their power to rapidly accelerate human evolution is activated. Unfortunately, Dr. Willard seeks to use this power for his evil purposes.



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