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The Kayak is a vehicle in the level Madubu Gorge in Tomb Raider III.

It is a boat with paddles, and it can be a tricky vehicle to control at first because its movements are hard to master. However, to be able to progress in the level, it's mandatory to use the Kayak. Without it, Lara isn't able to move across the strong currents and therefore she is unable to reach some essential parts of the caves along the rapids.


  • To climb into the Kayak stand next to it and press Action
  • To navigate use the up or down keys
  • To suddenly turn the Kayak left or right, press and hold the Shift key along with left or right
  • Paddling backwards against the current can be done very efficiently, so it's better than trying to turn the Kayak altogether
  • To climb out press Roll along with either left or right, keeping in mind that Lara can only climb out if the water around is calm


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