All Hallows

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All Hallows
Tomb Raider III
Level No 20
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 50 minutes

Special Bonus Level
Location Europe, England, London
Level Chronology:
Meteorite Cavern All Hallows Highland Fling

All Hallows is a secret level in Tomb Raider III that is accessed by getting 59 out the 60 secrets (there are 59 official secrets in the game, so it is possible to finish the game with a statistic of "60 of 59 found" - due to the presence of a 4th secret in the Coastal Village). Completing this level allows you to play the game with infinite ammo but will also trigger a bug, which will only allow access to the India, Nevada and Antarctica sections of the game.


The location of this level somewhat uncertain. It was said that the level was originally supposed to follow Thames Wharf, which would indicate that Lara is now inside St. Paul's Cathedral. At the end of Thames Wharf she was on the roof of St. Paul's. However the title hints that the church was now supposed to be a completely different one.

There are two churches by the name All Hallows in London.

  • The first can be found by the London Wall, Broad Street, south east of Ludgate. This one, also referred to as All Hallows-on-the-Wall, is closest to the other levels' locations.
  • The second one, often called All Hallows-by-the-Tower, is located - as the name hints - by the tower, further along the Thames to the east. This church dates back to 675 and is much older than the first.