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A Meteorite impacted millions of years ago in the Antarctica region.

Five artefacts, the Meteorite Artifacts, were carved out of pieces of the meteorite: the Infada Stone, the Element 115, the Eye of Isis and the Ora Dagger, along with the Hand of Rathmore. These are the main artefacts Lara is looking for in Tomb Raider III, and the Hand of Rathmore in the additional sequel The Lost Artifact.

The meteorite is an unknown composition, but yields great elemental power, as the first people to discover the meteorite found out. The meteorite crashed onto a small island just off Antarctica. Despite the cold climate, life was sustained because of the powers inside the meteorite. The Polynesians formed these five meteoric stones from the material inside the meteorite, and constructed a powerful meteorite cavern underneath their immense city of Tinnos, where if the stones are combined, the power of the entire meteorite can rapidly accelerate the evolution of the bearer.