The Great Wall

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Remark: This article describes the level The Great Wall in Tomb Raider III. For information about the location, see Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall
Tomb Raider II
Section China
Level No 1
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 25 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Asia, China
Level Chronology:
The Hive The Great Wall Venice

The Great Wall is the first Level in Tomb Raider II. It also serves as the Tomb Raider II Demo.

This level is more about testing the players abilities to manoeuvre Lara through sets of traps rather than combat. Combat is light throughout the level, with no human enemy to right at the end, and the player does not even have to face him as he is involved in a quick movie scene. The only in-game enemies are Tigers, Crows, Spiders and two T-Rex.


Main article: Tomb Raider II Story

Lara's search for the Dagger of Xian begins at the Great Wall of China, supposedly the resting place of this ancient artefact. Lara arrives by helicopter and abseils to the ground. Between her and the Temple of Xian are a series of secret antechambers filled with traps to protect the dagger.

Having survived the defences, Lara finds a large door bearing the symbol of the dagger and a hole that looks like it needs a key. As she investigates she is attacked by a stranger named Claudio. She disarms him and he reveals to her that he is a servant of Marco Bartoli. Before she can discover any more, he drinks from a small bottle of poison, killing himself in front of her. Lara looks around, and discovers a laptop by a nearby camp fire. She needs something to get in to the temple of Xian, and the laptop gives her somewhere to start looking: Via Caravelli, Venice.




Like in almost every Tomb Raider II Level there are three secrets in The Great Wall consisting of a gold, silver and jade dragon.

The silver dragon is the first to find in this level. It is lying on a ledge high above the first cavern.
The jade dragon can be found lying on the ground between a set of traps Lara has to pass. It cannot be missed, however it might prove a little difficult to pick it up.
The gold dragon is the last that can be found in this level. It is hidden in a secret area, a valley below the death slide. In this valley Lara will encounter two T-Rex. If she has collected all three secrets, Lara will get the Grenade Launcher along with the artefact as a bonus.

Artefacts and Keys

There are two keys in this level that Lara has to find and use.

The guardhouse key will open the second tower on the great wall. It can be found in a passage underwater, in a pool at the bottom of the wall, in a valley guarded by a Tiger.
The rusty key can be found inside the guardhouse opened with the guardhouse key. It is simply found on the upper level, guarded by spiders. It opens a trap filled passage inside the wall.



Lara starts with Pistols and a Shotgun in her inventory and she can collect the Grenade Launcher here.

The grenade launcher is the first pick-up weapon Lara can find. It can only be found, when all secrets have been found. In this case it will come along with the last secret.


Further this level hides eight goodies Lara can add to her inventory.

First Aid
The two small medi packs can be found one by the rolling blade before Lara reaches the slide, and the other one as part of the bonus gratification when collecting the third secret.
A large medi pack is found by a skeleton inside the wall, where there is a movable stone block.
More Gear


This level has 23 enemies in store.

Traps and Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Typical Scenery of the Level


Climb up to get to the wall-tower. Drop through the trapdoor. Use the lever. Get out of the tower, onto the wall. Slide down into the pool to collect the key. Use it to get into the second tower. Collect the next key there. Use it. Get through some nasty traps with knifes and spikes. Run towards the slide. Use the slide. Run towards the big gate.