Marco Bartoli

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Marco Bartoli
Marco Bartoli.jpg
Died In 1997
The Dragon's Lair, China
Occupation Leader of the Fiamma Nera
Parents Father:

Gianni Bartoli (deceased)

Game(s) Tomb Raider II

Marco Bartoli is a character and the main villain and the leader of the Fiamma Nera in Tomb Raider II.

Under his direction, the Fiamma Nera seeks the Dagger of Xian.

In the level Opera House, there are posters to be seen with the name "Bartoli" and a picture of a male figure. This male figure could possibly be either Marco or his father Gianni Bartoli.


Marco took his father Gianni's place as leader of a cult called the Fiamma Nera, which means "Black Flame". The cult religiously believes in the Dagger of Xian's legendary power.

Gianni had discovered that the Talion needed to unlock the Dagger of Xian's chamber. Marco remembers how his father left for searching The Seraph and eventually finding it. However Gianni died during this expedition, leaving Marco to complete the cult's task to obtain the Dagger of Xian.

Marco races agains Lara to search first for The Seraph, the the Talion and finally the Dagger of Xian itself. Lara beats him in finding The Seraph and the Talion, but Marco manages to get the Dagger of Xian first.


In Temple of Xian Lara overlooks how Marco accompanied by his henchmen performs a ritual: Marco stabs himself to the heart with the Dagger of Xian and the henchmen carry his body away.

However, Marco isn't entirely dead yet as in the Dragon's Lair his seemingly lifeless body transforms into a Dragon. After slaying the Dragon and taking the Dagger of Xian off Marco finally dies.


Marco is deeply determined to seek for the Dagger of Xian and the necessary artefacts to fulfill the quest, The Seraph and the Talion. When Fabio doubted Marco's decision in where to seek for The Seraph, Fabio got to feel in his gut that it's not wise to object Marco's decisions.


Marco's deceased father Gianni Bartoli is mentioned in the game. Gianni Bartoli's actions set out a path for Marco to first seek for The Seraph and then obtain the Dagger of Xian.

As Opponent

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With the Dagger of Xian Marco transforms himself into a Dragon in the level Dragon's Lair. Lara has to defeat the Dragon and take the Dagger of Xian off from it.

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