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Found 1997
Tibet, Asia
Game(s) Tomb Raider II
Level Found Ice Palace

The Talion is an artefact found in Tomb Raider II. Lara finds it within the Ice Palace underneath the Barkhang Monastery in Tibet.

In order to enter the Ice Palace Level in the first place Lara first needs to obtain the Seraph which was aboard the Maria Doria when the ship sank.

Lara places the Talion to its receptacle on the door of Temple of Xian during the FMV sequence between the levels Ice Palace and Temple of Xian.



To reach the Talion artefact inside the Ice Palace, Lara has to use the gong located at there. Using the Gong Hammer there opens the door. Once she picks it up, she summons the Guardian of the Talion.

The Talion is the key to unlocking the door to the Temple of Xian in China where the Dagger of Xian resides. The Talion has to be inserted into a socket at the temple's door.

While searching for the Talion Lara will encounter Bartoli's Men who are also looking for the artefact and ultimately the Dagger of Xian.


An item of cylinder shape with a handle, apparently made of gold. Decorated with carvings.


Placing the Talion to its receptacle at the Temple of Xian is the only way to gain access to the chamber, where theDagger of Xian is kept. The artefact is not known to have any supernatural powers.


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