Ice Palace

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Ice Palace
Tomb Raider II
Section Tibet Section
Level No 14
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 50 minutes

Secrets 3
Location Asia, Tibet
Level Chronology:
Catacombs of the Talion Ice Palace Temple of Xian

Ice Palace is the fourteenth level in Tomb Raider II and part of the Tibet Section. It's where the Talion is located.


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Lara continues to race against the Fiamma Nera after the Dagger of Xian. Knowing that an item is required for opening the door to the temple, Lara is searching for the Talion.

End Cutscene

The level ends into an FMV sequence. After slaying the Guardian of the Talion, Lara emerges from a small cave to a snowy area with yellow tents, lights and some trees - some sort of a campsite of the Fiamma Nera.

Lara smiles as she spots a jeep, and she slowly and quietly starts to approach the vehicle. She succesfully makes her way into the jeep without the nearby masked guard noticing her. She starts the jeep, alarming the guard. As she rides away, she almost hits the guard who narrowly escaped the collision. The jeeps goes further away, and the guard makes an useless attempt on stopping Lara by shooting the jeep.

More jeeps leave the campsite, chasing Lara. One of the chasers manages to shoot a tire of Lara's jeep, but Lara answers to the fire. The chasing jeep tumbles over as a result of Lara's gunfire and then it explodes.

But the chase is not over: Marco Bartoli is after Lara - hitting her jeep's back with his car and shooting it with a machine gun. Lara manages to jump over a deep pit with the jeep, leaving Marco Bartoli behind.

The snowy nature changes into sandy view of the Great Wall of China as Lara returns there driving a jeep. She inserts the Talion into its receptacle on the gate, which now opens. Lara enters the dark depths of the Temple of Xian...




In this level you can find 3 stone dragons.

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