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Fiamma Nera is the name of the cult lead by Marco Bartoli in Tomb Raider II. The name means "Black Flame" in Italian. Bartoli's cult members are convinced of the powers of the Dagger of Xian and aid him in the search for the powerful artefact. They are spread all over the world to find the artefacts that lead to the dagger (the Seraph aboard the sunken Maria Doria, the Prayer Wheels in the Barkhang Monastery and the Talion).

In The Great Wall level, Lara finds Claudio, one of Bartoli's henchmen. He tries to convince Lara to "pledge her loyalty" and shows that he is a strong believer when he chooses to poison himself.

"These doors are waiting for the right one. The right time to arrive. And then the dagger’s blade will honor the hearts of those who believe. So, unless you pledge your loyalty as well..."

Another of Bartoli's henchmen shows reluctance, and is accused by Bartoli- "Is your belief so fragile?!". But Bartoli believes in his fathers' work:

"When my father left when I was a boy, he confided to me that he was enlightened... beckoned by something greater than impulse. He possessed the Seraph, but he was just a disciple in this design. His death plotting a path to be sought by the one, his son."

Brother Chan Barkhang tells Lara about the cultists:

"They want the Seraph to unlock a malignant treasure we contain in our monastery in Tibet. Since being stolen by imbecile vagabonds centuries ago, we been without key to it…relying solely on cleansing of our prayers to keep it subdued. Then the occultist Gianni B. acquired it. Trouble we knew. He breathed life back into ancient belief. One not to be stopped by any amount of head bowing. And now again it is here. Marco, infected with madness. He has violent mind, but not yet the power to satiate it. So, we reach for our weapons once more."

Fiamma Nera Enemies