Prayer Wheels

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Prayer Wheels

Prayer Wheel

Found 1997
Tibet, Asia

Nepal, Asia

Game(s) Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider Legend
(as rewards)

Level Found Barkhang Monastery

Nepal - The Ghalali Key
(as rewards)

Level Used Barkhang Monastery

Prayer Wheels are minor artefacts you have to collect in the Barkhang Monastery level of Tomb Raider II. Lara needs five of them in order to unlock the room that houses the Seraph receptacle.

Prayer Wheels are also secrets (rewards) in the Nepal - The Ghalali Key level of Tomb Raider Legend.[1]


In Tomb Raider II the Prayer Wheels have a cylinder shape and they have carvings on them.

In Tomb Raider Legend the Prayer Wheels still have a cylinder shape, but it's on top of what can be regarded as some sort of a handle. They also have more decorations on them.


The artefacts are not known to have any special powers. When all five Prayer Wheels are placed on their receptacles in the Barkhang Monastery, a door leading to the room with the receptacle for the Seraph opens.



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