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Gold Reward in Bolivia - Tiwanaku

The Gold Reward is a type of rare Secrets in Tomb Raider Legend. There are 8 Gold Rewards throughout the game - one in each level (except for the final-boss-level Bolivia Redux) and one in the Croft Manor.

Besides the Gold Rewards there are Silver and Bronze Rewards to be found.

List of Gold Rewards

  • Bolivia
The gold reward in the first level Bolivia - Tiwanaku can be found in the large central chamber of the temple. To open the large portal one has to utilize the three Movable Crates lying around and moving them onto the Pressure Plates, a single Jaguar will make life difficult. The gold reward is placed in the alcove right above the door. To get there, the gaps in the door, which can be used as footholds, have to be aligned with the gaps in the walls on the side. Otherwise Lara will be unable to climb to the door and reach the alcove above. To achieve this the player moves one crate on the middle pressure plate to pull the door up and unlocks either the left or the right mechanism with a second crate. He now himself stands on the other side pressure plate to unlock the second mechanism just as long as it takes for the door to be aligned with the ledges in the walls on the side. If he then steps off the plate at the right moment, the mechanism locks the door in place, just wide enough open to step through but to also get the secret. (Removing the middle crate will stop the door from moving at all. Otherwise it will be constantly moving up and down, not in a way to stop the player from getting the secret, but in a way that might annoy him or make him nervous.)
  • Croft Manor
The gold reward in the Croft Manor is bound to a riddle. The riddle begins in the Secret Passage below the Library.


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Achievements & Trophies

By collecting the rewards, Xbox 360 gamers can gain 50 Gamerpoints for the Achievement Collected 5 Gold Rewards (Collect 5 rare Gold Rewards. Rewards can be found at any point in the game.).

By collecting the rewards, PlayStation 3 gamers can gain the Bronze Trophy Go for the Gold (Collect 1 gold reward) and the Silver Trophy 5 Golden Things (Collect 5 rare gold rewards).