Bolivia - Tiwanaku

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Bolivia - Tiwanaku
Tomb Raider Legend
Level No 1
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 25 minutes
  • Time Trial: 12 minutes 30
  • First Time: 60 minutes
Secrets 16
Special Demo Level

Training Level

Location South America, Bolivia
Level Chronology:
Bolivia - Tiwanaku Peru - Return to Paraíso

Bolivia - Tiwanaku is the first level of Tomb Raider Legend. The first part of it also serves as Demo Level for PlayStation 2 and PC.

"I've been looking for certain artifacts..."
--Lara Croft


After receiving a phone call from her friend Anaya Imanu, informing her of the find of a stone dais in the ruins of Tiwanaku, in Bolivia, Lara travels to South America to examine it in person.

"Anaya telephoned today. She heard a rumor about an ancient temple in Bolivia that contains an ornate stone dais. It could be the one I'm looking for. I'm setting out first thing in the morning."
--Lara Croft

Upon arrival at the dais Lara is greeted by James W. Rutland Jr. who has managed so snatch a sword fragment found at the dais right from under Lara's nose.

"Father was right; the dais stones are not unique. I also saw a sword fragment. Unfortunately, it was in the hands of an unpleasant man surrounded by mercenaries. He mentioned Amanda Evert as if he'd spoken to her recently -- a ghoulish thing to say.
--Lara Croft


  • Find the ancient stone dais of Tiwanaku.


16 Secrets



The first environmental object Lara can interact with is a small boulder she can kick. This boulder will first move into the direction it was kicked and then follow the laws of physics, rolling whichever way the ground dictates.
The first interaction with water is fairly early within the game. Lara can practice swimming and diving here.
A movable rock blocks Lara's path. Due to its form it's not climbable, but it can be pushed out of the way.
Behind a destructible wall (which is missing in the PSP version of the game) Lara can find a Silver Reward.


After completing this level, the manor can be fully explored as Lara will now be able to open all the doors.

Completing the time trial for Bolivia, after finishing the game once, will unlock the cheat that shows the health bar for enemies.

Achievements & Trophies