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A Training Level in which the player can familiarize himself with Lara's Moves can be found in each Tomb Raider game.

In the first three games (Tomb Raider I, II and III) and their Gold Expansions this training level took place in the Croft Mansion and was called Lara's Home. With the removal of the Mansion from the game in The Last Revelation, the fourth part of the saga, a new kind of training level became necessary. It was then included in the first level Angkor Wat, where Lara's mentor Werner von Croy taught a young Lara how to move within a trap-filled environment. This concept was kept for Tomb Raider Chronicles where a training section could be found in a certain area of the first level Streets of Rome: the Backstage Area of the opera. In The Angel of Darkness Lara will explain her new moves to you in the first level Parisian Backstreets.

Even though the Manor returned as playable bonus in Tomb Raider Legend and Anniversary (see Croft Manor), the concept of the first level serving as a training level remained.

All Levels that could be considered Training Levels