Lara's Home (TR1)

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Lara's Home
Tomb Raider
Location Croft Manor, Surrey, England
Level Chronology:
Lara's Home [[Caves]]

Lara's Home is the Training Level in the original Tomb Raider.

The level takes place in Lara's Home, the Croft Manor, where the player can practice Lara's movements and Controls - and perhaps get a glimpse of Lara's life.

The Manor

Lara welcomes the player to her manor saying "Welcome to my home. I'll take you on a guided tour."

The gameplay starts in the Library. Down the stairs one can find the Music Room from where the upper main hall can be reached. The rooms on the other side, where Lara's bedroom and bathroom can be found in the later games, are locked and cannot be opened. (Areas behind these doors have actually not been build by the level designers, they are purely decorative textures.) One can only advance down the stairs to find the Ballroom - which has been turned into a gym - and the adjacent Swimming Pool. If Lara dives into the pool and then gets out of it, the level is automatically completed.

A special feature present in the level is the Ark of the Covenant, which is located next to the house's front door. There is also a concealed treasure chest in the second (blocked by crates) entrance into the Ballroom.