Croft Manor (TR7)

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Croft Manor
Tomb Raider Legend
Length (*)
  • Game Time: open end

Secrets 27 (1 Gold, 10 Silver, 16 Bronze)
Special Manor Level
Location England, Surrey

Croft Manor serves as a training level in Tomb Raider Legend, just like it has in Tomb Raiders I, II and III. This new manor seen in Legend is a lot more like the one seen in the movies.

Lara can use her grapple and pistols inside the mansion to get various rewards. The gym has replaced the usual assault course, but is still very complex and challenging. The outside is not explorable, however.


Layout of the Croft Manor

The main hall is the first place we see when playing in the mansion. The butler Winston stays by the fireplace, but really doesn't do anything useful. Above the fireplace, Lara has placed a picture of her parents.
Zip's Tech Center is part of the main hall of Croft Manor.
In the bedroom, Lara can use the closet and change into the outfits you have unlocked.
The gym is the best place to try out Lara's moves and train. Throughout the course, you will encounter several rewards, some more challenging to get than others.
The study is the place Alister spends his time. Lara can come in and hunt for some rewards, that sometimes requires some creativity. A secret tunnel leads from the study to Lara's bedroom. Lara needs to get in there to complete the Gold Reward riddle.



  • 1 Gold
  • 10 Silver
  • 16 Bronze


[Lara pulls down a bookcase in library with her grapple]

  • Alister: Don't mind my offer to help you get it down in a less... calamitous manner.
  • Lara: I didn't hear you offer at all, and especially not a calamitous one, but thanks all the same.

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