PlayStation 2

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PlayStation 2
Original PS2 with vertical stand
Release Date 2000
Developer Sony
Game Chronology:
PlayStation PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 2 (short PS2) is a Video Game Console by Sony. It is the successor of the PlayStation, which played a major role in making the Tomb Raider franchise a big success. The PS2 was introduced in 2000 and has sold over 150 million units up until December 2012, when it was discontinued, and is the only console which offered The Angel of Darkness.

The PS2 also introduced the term Next Generation Console, being the second generation of PlayStation consoles. It should be noted that the same term was later used for the XBox 360, the successor of the XBox as well as the PlayStation 3 and all the following consoles. The term is not confined to one generation but mainly used for the up-to-date (or upcoming) one.

It is a member of the 6th generation of consoles, competing with Sega's Dreamcast and Nintendo's GameCube, as well as to some degree with Microsoft's original Xbox.


The PS2 was release worldwide on March 4th, 2000. There was a considerable shortage of consoles in the first few months after the release.


The PS2 features a custom made "Emotion Engine" 64bit CPU based on the MIPS architecture, as well as a custom made "Graphics Synthesizer" GPU. There are 32MB of main memory and 4MB embedded video ram. It is hardware compatible with old PlayStation games.

An additional IDE hard disk and Ethernet adapter was available.

Tomb Raider Games for PS2

Backwards compatible Tomb Raider Games for PS2

All Tomb Raider games for the original PlayStation are compatible with the PS2. There can be some incompatibilities with later editions or re-releases of theses games, though.