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Sony Cooperation (ソニー株式会社 (Sony Kabushiki Kaishaor), or just Sony in short) is a Japanese multinational conglomerate. Their headquarters are located in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo. They are one of the biggest producers of consumer electronics in the world.

Sony has developed and manufactured the PlayStation line of Video Game Consoles, including the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita hand-held devices. The stationary consoles have been a huge success, with the PlayStation 2 being the most successful, selling over 150 mio units, while the hand-helds always stood in the shadow of the more successful Game Boy and DS line of devices by competitor Nintendo.

Tomb Raider Games on Sony Consoles

Tomb Raider Seris

All games in the regular Tomb Raider Series can be played on one of these platforms.

All Classic Tomb Raider games can be played on the PS2 as well.
On the first PS3 version all PS3 titles are playable as well, bit this compatibility was removed from later versions because of cost considerations.
The Classic Tomb Raider games are playable on the PSP in their PS1 version through Backwards-compatibility; since there is no CD-Rom drive on the PSP these have to be purchased from the PSN store.
  • No Tomb Raider games are currently available natively on the PS Vita
However, the Classic Tomb Raider Games can be downloaded from the PSN store. Additionally the PS4 versions of the 2013 reboot game and Rise of the Tomb Raider can be played on a PS4 via Remote Play.

This means that at least some of the Classic Tomb Raider games are playable on any of these consoles in their PS1 version.

Lara Croft Series

Two of the Lara Croft Series games can also be played on Sony consoles:

Playable also on the PS Vita through Remote Play.

Consoles with Tomb Raider or Lara Croft Games

The PlayStation Vita is an exception as there are no native Tomb Raider games available for it. However, the Classic games can be downloaded from the PSN store and played through emulation and the PS4 titles can be played through Remote Play.

Other Products

Besides gaming consoles Sony is well known for their line of Xperia Smartphones. Other products such as washing machines are not that well known in countries outside of Japan.

Until recently Sony was involved with one of the biggest manufactures of TFT panels used in Notebooks and TV screens in an joint venture with Samsung, who bought them out in 2011.

Also, Sony produces CCD sensors used in everything from cheap mobile phones to professional SLR still and cinema cameras.