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PS Vita streaming Tomb Raider (2013) via Remote Play from a PlayStation 4

Remote Play is a technique originally used to connect the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita. This specification has nowadays been expanded to include other hardware/software as well.

When using Remote Play the Vita acts as a Controller and renders a video stream of the PS4's desktop on its build-in display. Thus the PS Vita can be used to play PS4 games over the network, either locally through a LAN or remotely over the internet. With the now discontinued PlayStation Vita 3G it was even possible to use Remote Play over a mobile phone network.

Other Hardware

While originally conceived as a feature for the PS Vita, Remote Play is now available on other platforms as well.


Remote Play is available on some Xperia[1] branded Sony Smartphones by using the Remote Play app downloadable from the Google Play Store[2]. The App can not officially be installed on other Smartphones, though it might be possible to directly install an APK obtained from such a phone.

Windows and Mac

An official Remote Play App[3] for Windows 8.1/10 and MacOS X was released by Sony in 2016. This program enables any reasonably fast PC with a network connection to display the incoming video stream send by the PS4. A PS4 DualShock 4 controller connected via USB is needed as an input device.

There are four quality settings - Low (360p), Standard (540p), High (720p), Best (1080p) - and two frame rate settings - Standard, High - available. The lower the quality the less lagging is experienced by the player over slow network connections. The "Best" and "High" settings are only available when connecting to a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Tomb Raider Games Supporting Remote Play

Lara Croft Games Supporting Remote Play

Limited to one player logged in via Remote Play; additional players have to be logged in directly to the PS4 or via network on their own PS4s

Similar Techniques

The Windows 10 Xbox App supports a similar feature where the screen content of the Xbox One can be streamed. A Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller plugged into the PC is needed to play.