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Windows is a line of Operating Systems created by Microsoft.

Tomb Raider Games for Windows

Note that not all games run on all versions of Windows. Also, the older games need (a current version of) DirectX to be installed (manually) on older Windows systems.

For a more complete compatibility list select your system or game from the lists below.

Core Design

Crystal Dynamics

Lara Croft Games

Relevant Versions of Windows

Other Versions

The versions listed above are those that support any of the Tomb Raider Games. There are other Windows versions (3.1/3.11 and before) or the old NT line (Windows NT 4 and before) that do not support any Tomb Raider games.

Also Windows Phone, a special version for Smartphones, and the short lived Windows RT are not listed, since no Tomb Raider game supports them. This might change in the future, though.

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