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The Windows Phone line of Operating Systems is the successor of the not so successful Windows Mobile system for PDAs, Mobile Phones, and Smartphones. With the announcement of Windows 10 in 2015 the "Phone" has been dropped from the Name in favour for the reintroduction of "Mobile" in the systems name, Windows 10 Mobile. As of now (September 2016) all versions of Windows Phone have only reached a minimum market share.


  • Windows Phone 7
Released: October 2010
End of support: October 2014
  • Windows Phone 8/8.1
Released: October 2012 (8), April 2014 (8.1)
End of support: July 2017 (8.1)[1]
  • Windows 10 Mobile
Released: March 2016

Note that some later models running Windows Phone 8.1 can be upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile.

Tomb Raider for Windows Phone

Available for: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile[2]
Available for: Windows 10 Mobile[3]


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