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Remark: This article describes the most recent version of Lara Croft: Relic Run (Version 1.11.110). For information about older versions and changes made, see Lara Croft: Relic Run Version History.

Lara Croft: Relic Run
Lara Croft: Relic Run
Release Date April, 13th 2015 (Netherlands)
May, 25th 2015 (Worldwide)
Platforms Google Android, Apple iOs, Windows 8 Phone
Developer Crystal Dynamics, Simutronics

Lara Croft: Relic Run is an Adventure Runner game first published for Android, iOs, and Windows Phone 8.1 mobile devices in the Netherlands as a test market on April 13th, 2015.[1] The game was launched on May, 25th for the rest of the world.

The game features Lara Croft in an endless-runner game similar to Temple Run. It provides "big adventure, over-the-top action, and loads of collectibles coupled with fast-paced play". It is Free To Play, meaning that it can be downloaded free of charge and only additional content has to be paid for.

Release Dates & Platforms

  • Initial release:
  • Netherlands: April, 13th 2015 for Android, iOs, and Windows Phones
  • Worldwide availability: May, 25th 2015 for Android, iOs, and Windows Phones
  • (Official release date: May, 28th 2015)
  • Most recent release:
  • Version 1.11.110, dated 2 November 2018, released to the Android Play Store on 7 November


Official Story

Lara Croft: Relic Run is the all new action adventure for nostalgic Lara Croft fans. When a shadowy conspiracy threatens the world, only Lara Croft is equipped to unearth the truth. Collect clues to uncover ancient relics. Run, swing, drive, and swan dive your way through beautiful and challenging environments. There’s no time to waste, but how long can you survive?
Official Story

Game Story

On her search for fellow treasure hunter Carter Bell Lara travels to a Jungle Temple lost in Cambodia where he was doing research. As she retraces his steps, she finds clues to relics hidden in the old ruins, the objects of his research which he left behind. After finding 15 of these relics, she suddenly realizes he has not been captured at all but is following evidence of strange mythical influences to some Desert Ruins of Babylonian making, which are hidden in the Sahara desert. From here she follows the Carter's trail to the Himalayas, where she meets Yetis, Giant Ice Spiders, and Tiny Spiders.



Voiced by Abigail Stahlschmidt[2]


Note: Additional levels can be added to the game through updates. The following list is therefore not to be considered complete.

There are in all 120 Levels in three regions at the moment.

40 levels
Lara has to find relics in the Cambodian jungle to find out what happened to Carter
The first few levels are tutorials to get to know the controls
40 levels
Find relics in the desert while running through a derelict desert town and it's subterranean catacombs
40 levels
Find relics in the icy Tibetan mountains and caves

Features & Gameplay

Lara will automatically run through the levels with breathtaking speed and the player has to perform swiping motions on the touch screen of the Smartphone to avoid hitting into obstacles or falling down crevices. Additionally there are sequences called Combat Sessions where Lara has to shoot at Enemies and can collect Health, Coin, and Ammo Crates. After running for a longer period of time without dying she has to face a Boss like the T-Rex. There also are sequences on vehicles like the ATV or Bike.

All the time Lara has to search for Clues. After collecting an increasing amount of those clues she will be able to locate Relics. These will ultimately lead to the whereabouts of Carter Bell.

The game also features some kind of Social Gaming: After connecting the game to Facebook friends can compare their scores and send each other Curses.

Features as Listed on the Stores

Key features:
  • Make your way through multiple ancient locations - each filled with secrets and danger
  • Power up Lara’s weapons and engage in frantic combat
  • Use parkour moves to create death-defying last minute escapes
  • Fast-paced vehicles like ATVs and motorcycles give Lara more ways to conquer the terrain
  • Epic Boss Fights – including the return of the infamous T-Rex!
  • Swap and upgrade equipment to give Lara the edge
  • Earn bragging rights on the leaderboards
  • Outsmart and sabotage your friends by Cursing their Relic Run
Each location features unique gameplay elements and brand new challenges![3]


When on the start screen, you can call up your gear settings by clicking on the store icon, which contains a representation of Lara's backpack among other things.[4] The gear can also be accessed on the start screen of every level by clicking in Lara's backpack.

You can buy or upgrade gear items by spending in-game or actual money. If you go to the store, you can check the status of your gear. Before the 1.5.68 update, red bars indicated what you own, blue bars indicate what you would get if you bought the item or its first upgrade, and colourless bars indicate what you can upgrade at a later time. This system has been replaced with a progress bar divided into 10 parts in later versions.

General Gear

General Gear
Permanently doubles the amount of coins gained during runs!
Buy for 4,99€.
Returns life to you upon death. Single-use.
Buy: 5 gems
Shortens the duration of a stumble, giving you control back quicker.
Buy: 25 coins
Lara will quickly navigate herself some distance into the run.
Buy: 60 coins
1 extra clip of ammo for your Secondary Weapon.
Buy: 350 coins
10 upgrade levels available
Absorbs damage when you need it most!
Buy: 300 coins
10 upgrade levels available
Health 50% when about to perish in Combat.
Buy: 400 coins
10 upgrade levels available
Absorbs and cancels any incoming curse. Consumed in the process.
Buy: 500 coins
Upgrade to unlock more valuable coin types.
Upgrade to make the Coin Magnet last longer.
10 upgrade levels available
Boost Clue Power and find Relics faster.
10 upgrade levels available
Upgrade to find Powerups more frequently!
10 upgrade levels available
Upgrade to get more ammo from Ammo Crates!
10 upgrade levels available

These bundles are somewhat cheaper than buying the items by themselves. Still, they are expensive and use of these items should be well thought about.

  • Ankh Bundle
"Adds 9 Ressurection Ankhs."
25 Gems
  • Medipack Bundle
"Adds 10 Medipacks."
25 Gems
  • Kevlar Vest Bundle
"Adds 10 Kevlar Vests."
25 Gems


"These signature weapons have unlimited ammo and are always equipped."
10 upgrade levels available
"Shoots bolts from a clip. Delivers high damage, but bolts are much slower than bullets."
10 upgrade levels available
"Semi-automatic and fires 10 pellets per shot. Each upgrade reduces pellet spread."
10 upgrade levels available
"When you need to get as many bullets down range as fast as possible. Features a tap and hold shooting style."
10 upgrade levels available
"A big weapon for big damage. Fires in 3 round bursts."
10 upgrade levels available
"Deals damage in an area. Radius of damage effect increases with each upgrade."
10 upgrade levels available
"A machine gun with multiple rotating barrels and an incredibly high rate of fire."
Buy: 80 gems


Lara's outfits can be upgraded with effects.

"Lara's standard adventuring gear."
"While identical in function to the Standard Outfit, the timelessness of the Classic Lara style cannot be matched."
"A lightweight suit tailored for covert operations."
"Adventure outfit for archaeologist on the go!"
"The ultimate outfit for handling vehicles in style."

All of the outfits are available in different styles that have to be bought separately.


Cambodia (Jungle Temple):

Sahara (Desert Ruins):

aka Stone Warriors before v 1.5.68

Tibet (Mountain Pass):



Main article: Relics (Relic Run)

The following relics can be found throughout the game. Lara has to collect clues while running through the different levels. When she has enough clues she will be able to find a relic.

Relics in Jungle Temple Level

The following relics can be found in Jungle Temple:

Jade Scepter of Tjak, Kinari Rain Drum, Meed Yantra Knife, Naga's Eye, Nok Thet Mask, Pelesit Urn, Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull, Bajang Charm, Bronze Astrolabe, Carved Skull, Devatas Flask, Dragon's Tooth, Gilded Chinthe, Golden Trident, Hantu Protection Bell, Rahu's Peal, Ritual Conch, Silver Monkey Paw, Silver Necklace, and Sun Queen Crown

Relics in Desert Ruins Level

The following relics can be found in the Desert Ruins:

Basmu Icon, Bull's Head Rhyton, Amulet of Zarpanit, Cylinder Seal of Isimud, Dagger of Tishpak, Gnostic Dial, Helm of Srvara, Daeva Scimitar, Pairika Crown, Lamassu Guardian, Lapis Gorget, Gold Emblem of Utu, Oil Lamp of Maliqa, War Mask of Azal, Utukka Plaque, Rabisu Scroll, Simurgh Shield, Ur-Uta Kingshead, Urvan Vessel, and Bust of Rakush

Relics in Mountain Pass Level

The following relics can be found in the Mountain Pass level:

Prayer Wheel, Yeti Footprint Cast, Mask of the Oni, Luck Dragon Head, Luck Dragon Tail, Luck Dragon Claw, Mala Prayer Beads, Emerald Dragon, Jeweled Bottle, Gilded Kukri Blade, Key of Arcane Knowledge, Amber Phoenix, Dorje of Enlightenment, Gyaling Horn, Bronze Mahakala Incense Burner, Pearl Winter Lion Charm, Bell of Enlightenment, Ceremonial Scepter, Aquamarine Kirin, Amulet of Seeing


The game features a variety of Achievements. These are split into global Achievements, which can be gained in any level, and level specific Achievements, that can only be gained in a specific level.

System Requirements

  • Android:
Samsung Galaxy S4 or similar/better[5]
Android Version 4.4 (2.3 in earlier versions) or higher
30 MB storage space for the game engine , downloading additional levels requires more space; the game can take up to 330 MB of space up on the device, not including cached files
In-app purchases[6]
  • iOs:
iPhone 4 or newer[7]
138 MB storage space[8]
  • Windows 8 Phone
Windows Phone 8, 8.1, or 10[9]
67 MB storage space


  • If your device seems to be too slow/old and you get a lot of lagging (like Samsung Galaxy S3) turn off the "Record With Everyplay" option in the games settings. This seems to help with certain crashes/freezes, too.
  • Also, turning off background processes (email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.), or turning off all network connections altogether (flight mode) might help. Be aware that without a network connection certain features of the game like the Facebook integration and watching advertisement videos (Supply Drops) will not work.
  • If your phone starts overheating you should definitely pause the game until it has cooled down. Removing protective coves might help.
  • The savegame file is - unlike in other games - not automatically uploaded to a cloud service. This means the player will lose his or her progress when switching or resetting their device. On Android the savegame is located on the internal memory (e.g. /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.squareenix.relicrun/files/Progress/gameprogress.sav) from where it can be copied and archived for later restoration. This file does not include Google Play Achievements.

Version History



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