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Kevlar Vest in the in-game store

The Kevlar Vest is a kind of bullet-proof vest designed to protect the wearer from gunfire. Kevlar is a very strong and heat-resistant synthetic fibre.

Lara Croft: Relic Run

In Lara Croft: Relic Run the Kevlar Vest is an additional gear item. It protects Lara from Enemy fire during Combat Sessions. The player can buy one in the in-game store for 300 Coins (525 Coins before update 1.5.68).

"Absorbs damage when you need it most!"
In-game info

If the player has one in the inventory, Lara will automatically use it during her next run. Whenever she gets hit by an enemy projectile, the vest is weakened, until finally it is destroyed and Lara is again unprotected; if she has more vests in her inventory she will automatically use one during the next combat session, though.

When Lara is outfitted with a Kevlar Vest her Health Bar is not green but at least partially blue; this blue portion symbolizes the remaining integrity of the vest.

As the vest effectively increases the time Lara can stay alive under enemy fire, it is somewhat similar to a Medipack.


The strength of the Kevlar Vest can be upgraded ten times.

Upgrade Cost
1 700 Coins
2 970 Coins
3 1300 Coins
4 1700 Coins
6 105 Gems
7 135 Gems
8 180 Gems
9 235 Gems
10 305 Gems