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Remark: This article describes the Classic Outfit in the Tomb Raider and Lara Croft Series of games. For general information about the classic outfit in Lara Croft: Relic Run, see Classic Lara.

Classic Outfit (TRL)

The Classic Outfit (also Standard Outfit and Anniversary) has been Lara's basic adventuring gear since the very beginning in the first Tomb Raider.

She has worn it in every game except The Angel of Darkness. In Tomb Raider Underworld, Lara Standard Outfit is a Xbox 360 content. In Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary there are unlockable variants of the outfit, which can be picked after unlocking them and choosing them from the menu when replaying levels.


Worn in

In the whole game, except for the Maria Doria and Tibet levels
In the level Nightmare in Vegas
In India
In Rome Section
In the flashback part of the level Peru - Return to Paraíso and after unlocking whenever desired
The outfit is downloadable Xbox 360 content, a part of Classic Costume Pack
"While identical in function to the Standard Outfit, the timelessness of the Classic Lara style cannot be matched."
The Classic Outfit was introduced with version 1.0.46 of the game


In Tomb Raider Legend the Classic outfit is unlocked by finding the Gold Reward in the level Peru - Return to Paraíso. The Classic, Gray variant is unlocked by finding the Gold Reward in the level Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland.

In Tomb Raider Anniversary the low polygon version of the Classic outfit is unlocked by collecting both of the relics in Peru: the Kero Mug and the Killer Whale Bottle.

The Outfit

  • mint green cotton/lycra Swimsuit. full length, scoop neck
  • brown canvas shorts, rolled to top of thigh
  • black leather belt, 8cm wide with brass buckle. Leather holsters loop through belt at front and back, secured at garters
  • brown boots with beige laces, leather upper, rubber sole. White cotton socks rolled over top
  • fingerless black leather gloves

All Classic Outfits

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