Trajan's markets

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Trajan's markets
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section Rome Section
Level No 2
Secrets 3 Golden Roses
Location Italy, Rome
Level Chronology:
Streets of Rome Trajan's markets The Colosseum

Trajan's markets is the second level in Tomb Raider Chronicles, in the Rome Section.


After getting hold of the Saturn Stone, Lara sets out to locate the other remaining artifacts meant to open the gate: the Mars and Venus stones. During her search, the heroine finds an old device with mechanized wheels which she manages to start up and continue her journey. Though the area looks deserted, Lara encounters an ancient mechanical Roman head which shoots lasers. After defeating it, she discovers that the statue was actually guarding one of the God Stones.

After gathering both artifacts and returning to the gate, Lara is "greeted" by Larson, who wastes no time to try and steal the stones. But their fight is interrupted by the Stone Serpents which come to life and start attacking both Lara and Larson. The heroine survives the encounter and can finally open the Philosopher's Gate. The door is thrown open and Lara finds that the way back is blocked, and the only path lies forward.


  • Defeat the Laser Head
  • Find the Mars Stone and Venus Stone (God Stones)
  • Place all the stones inside the receptacles of the door



There are three Golden Roses to be found in this level.

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