Bronze Statue

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Bronze Statue

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Sub Boss
Classification Statue
Weapons Sword

The Bronze Statue is an enemy that appears in the level Trajan's Markets in Tomb Raider Chronicles. He awakens when Lara stumbles into the building he resided in. His existence was guarding the location of the Venus Stone, one of the God Stones.


A statue made of bronze, whose shape resembles a gladiator. Armed with a sword.



The statue has a sword and high defence since it is made out of metal. He moves very slowly and will strike at Lara if she gets too close. He can charge up and shoot laser beams from his sword which can inflict a great deal of damage upon Lara if she gets hit.


Keep moving, sideflips and backflips might come in handy. The shotgun is rather efficient weapon against the Bronze Statue, but the pistols are enough too, if one wishes to save ammunition.


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