Sworded Skeletons

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Sworded Skeletons
Tr5 sworded skeleton 1.JPG

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Undead
Distinctiveness Can only be destroyed with Bone Dust
Weapons Swords
Weakness Bone Dust

The Sworded Skeletons are enemies found during the Labyrinth level in Tomb Raider Chronicles. They are invisible and attempt to injure Lara if she gets too close to them. Once the bone dust is used they are destroyed.


Tall, transparent skeleton figures with large swords.



As Young Lara has no weapons to defense herself with and the enemies are invisible, she must avoid getting hit by the swords by carefully walking past the Sworded Skeletons. She must stay as far as possible from the skeletons as she walks among the church benches to the back room, where she finds Bone Dust.

Then Lara must go back as carefully as before to the front area of the chapel, and use the Bone Dust at a bowl in a niche. This causes the Sworded Skeletons to be lifted up high by colorful lights, destroying them and making the chapel a safe area for moving around freely.


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