Silver Statue

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Silver Statue
Enemy Type Sub Boss
Weapons Hammer that produces shockwaves

The Silver Statue is an enemy that appears in Tomb Raider Chronicles.


A statue made of silver, whose shape resembles a gladiator. Armed with a hammer that produces shockwaves.


Tomb Raider Chronicles

This enemy is only found in the Rome Section.

He awakens when Lara opens the doors to the room where he resides. He guards the door to the room where the second Colosseum Key is. The key is needed to open the doors leading to the ramp that takes Lara back to the cave where the Philosopher's Stone is.


Unlike the Bronze Statue who has a sword, the silver one has a hammer. He moves slowly as well. He will strike Lara is she gets too close. He can also strike the ground with his hammer, producing shockwaves that travel outwards. These shockwaves can give a fair deal of damage to Lara if she is in the way, and within contact of the ground.


Keep moving, sideflips and backflips might come in handy. The shotgun is rather efficient weapon against the Silver Statue.


Weapon Shots It Takes / Effect
Shotgun (Wideshot Ammo) 24

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