Red Beetles

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Red Beetles

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Immortal Opponents
Classification Animal, Insect, Beetle

The Red Beetles are enemies in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

When exploring a small lab with two metal lockers, in the level 13th Floor, to find some items, among them a Chlorophorm Bottle, Lara finds two glass tanks with red beetles. The right one breaks when Lara spends too much time in the room. She could also destroy the second tank with her weapon. The beetles will come rushing out, attacking Lara. They are not very fierce but they can not be killed. Luckily they will not follow her out of the room.


As there is no way to kill them, Lara simply has to move quickly and leave the room again as soon as possible.

Similar Enemies

Although they look different and the scarabs come in far greater numbers their behaviour is very much alike.
Although the rats are much bigger, they show a similar behaviour. The rats however will follow Lara everywhere but disappear after a short time.

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