Killer Whale Bottle

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Killer Whale Bottle
Killer Whale Bottle.JPG
Found 1996
Current Status In Lara's treasure vault
Game(s) Tomb Raider Anniversary
Level Found Peru - Mountain Caves

The Killer Whale Bottle is one of the Relics in Tomb Raider Anniversary. It is found in the level Peru - Mountain Caves.

To obtain this relic Lara has to first open the big gate at the end of the level. She then has to jump up the two ledges to reach the Horizontal Bar which swings around. She has to quickly jump off it, to reach the ledge in the wall. From there she can jump towards the pole protruding from the gate after its been opened. By jumping up the ledges and swinging on the next pole she can reach the platform on the right above the gate to grab the relic.

Ceramic bottle from approximately AD 700 depicting a mythological killer whale. Such vessels were most likely used for drinking fermented chicha.
In-game information[1]


A very decorative bottle in a shape of a whale.


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