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Enemy Type Boss
Classification Monster, Mythical Creature
Weapons Tail, projectiles

The Manticore is a Boss in Lara Croft: Relic Run. It lies in wait in the Desert Ruins and will attack Lara with its tail and by shooting projectiles at her as soon as she enters its lair.


The Manticore is a Persian/Babylonian mythological creature, similar to an Egyptian Sphinx. It has the horned head with red glowing eyes and sharp teeth, the scaled red body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the hind legs of a goat.

There is also a golden variant of the Manticore, which features grey metal armour on it's back and legs.


The Manticore can be found in the Desert Ruins, where it lurks in the subterranean parts of the old city and waits for Lara to come running by.


It is possible but difficult to kill the Manticore using only the (upgraded) Dual Pistols. Nonetheless, under normal circumstances, more fire power is needed and Lara should use one of her secondary weapons.

The Manticore will shoot projectiles from its tail which can be shot down so they don't hurt Lara. However, this will distract her from the main target. If you want to kill the Manticore in one go, you should invest in Kevlar Vests and Medipacks and only concentrate on shooting at the Manticore's head with any fully upgraded secondary weapon.


There are three Achievements connected with defeating the Manticore:

"Defeat the Boss of the Desert Ruins. "
"Defeat the Boss of the Desert Ruins 10 times."
"Defeat the Boss of the Desert Ruins 2 times in one run."