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Clue Booster

The Clue Booster is a Powerup in Lara Croft: Relic Run. Once collected the Clues collected count twice, meaning that Lara has to collect fewer clues to find a Relic.

Before update 1.5.68 the Clue Booster could be upgraded four times; the amount of clue boost was up to four times the normal amount. After the update this has been replaced with a 10 part progress bar. Upgrading the clue booster now only lengthen it's duration.


Wearing the Bomber Pilot Outfit gives an additional 15 seconds of Clue Boost. Additionally the Clue Booster can be upgraded in the store by spending Coins or Gems.

Upgrades (after 1.5.68)


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The first four updates can be bought with coins, all other upgrades cost gems.

Upgrade Cost Duration
1st Upgrade
2nd Upgrade
3rd Upgrade
4th Upgrade
5th Upgrade
6th Upgrade
7th Upgrade
8th Upgrade
9th Upgrade 50 seconds
10th Upgrade 200 gems

Upgrades (before 1.5.68)

Upgrade Cost Properties
Base Clue Boost 2x and lasts 20 seconds.
1st Upgrade 1,085 coins Clue Boost 2x and lasts 25 seconds.
2nd Upgrade 1,575 coins Clue Boost 3x and lasts 30 seconds.
3rd Upgrade 2,450 coins Clue Boost 3x and lasts 35 seconds.
4th Upgrade 3,325 coins Clue Boost 4x and lasts 40 seconds.

Note: 2x means "in addition to the the 1x without Clue Boost", so actually every collected clue is three times as powerful. The same goes for 3x and 4x.