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A Video Game Console is a computer entertainment system mainly used for gaming. It typically is plugged directly into a TV set and features a controller instead of keyboard and mouse input. Newer generations of gaming consoles support various online features such as the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

Video Game Consoles are typically grouped into generations: Consoles from the same generation have similar capabilities when compared to competing products of other manufacturers.

Consoles featuring Tomb Raider Games

The following lists are ordered by age of the respective console. Please note that the dates given are only approximations and may vary on different markets. See the respective articles for more details.

First to Fourth Generation

There are no Tomb Raider Games for any of the first four generations of consoles as the first Tomb Raider debuted in 1996.

Fifth generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Mobile Consoles featuring Tomb Raider Games

Other Mobile Devices

With the rise of powerful mobile phones (Smartphones) and Tablet PCs in the 2010s the line between these and classic mobile console gaming has become somewhat blurred. Smartphones and tablets usually feature touch sensitive input and therefore lack the precision of a controller. Nonetheless these new platforms enjoy much success.

As for now (Nov. 2016), some of the Classic Tomb Raider Games have been released for Apple's iOs and Google's Android systems, as well as some Lara Croft Games.

Additionally there have been some adaptions of Tomb Raider Games for pre-smartphone-area Mobile devices such as Java enabled cellphones.