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The PlayStatiom Network (or PSN for short) is a service for the PlayStation line of Video Game Consoles manufactured by Japanese electronics company Sony. If was first introduced with the PS3 and now services all newer console as well as the mobile platforms, too.

The competing network for Microsofts line of Xbox consoles is called Xbox Live.


PSN offers the ability to buy and download games and additional content directly from Sony via the PlayStation Store instead of having them to buy in a physical store. Additionally it enables players to collect Trophies in supported games as well as a chat/messaging function for friends. Most newer games support multiplayer gaming sessions over the PSN.

To participate in the PSN one has to register for the service once, either using one of the supported consoles or on the PlayStation Website. A registered user can then use the same login and password on every supported consoles without having to register again.

Tomb Raider Games available in the Store

Currently (December 2013) almost all Tomb Raider games are available from the PSN Store:

Additionally, all of the classic Tomb Raider games have been released on the PSN Store:

This leaves Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness the only main Tomb Raider game not to be available from the PSN Store. (It was the only TR game build for the PlayStation 2 generation of consoles and thus seems to be more difficult to port to the newer platforms.)

Security Concerns

In 2011 over 70 million user login (possibly including credit card information) have been stolen from the PSN by hackers and subsequently posted online. Later investigations revealed that the hackers gained access through known bugs in the PSN infrastructure server software that could have easily been corrected. Sony apologized to the users by offering each one two games (out of four choices) and by giving them a one year subscription to a fraud and identity theft prevention service.

Since then the PSN undergoes regular maintenance to prevent breaches of security such as these. No further incidents have been reported.