Climbing Pole

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Climbing Pole
Obstacle Type contraption for climbing
Strategy grab hold of pole and climb up or down

The Climbing Pole (also Vine where it occurs naturally) is an obstacle in the Tomb Raider Games.

It enables Lara to reach places on a different level, thus functioning like a ladder would. A climbing pole can be attached to a wall, in which case it most commonly is a type of vine, or it can be free standing, only attached to the floor, the roof, or both. In case of the free standing pole Lara can not only climb up or down but also around it, which is very important in the earlier games where she can only jump backwards off the pole.


Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation

The poles in The Last Revelation are free standing poles.

Tomb Raider Legend

The first occurrence of the climbing vine is in the Bolivia level. Here the vine is attached to the wall.

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